Everyshop - launching soon
Everyshop - launching soon
  • New online store Everyshop is expected to launch soon, with popular brands of electronics and computers on offer.
  • Unlike the general sellers dominating the online market in South Africa, it has some very deep roots in physical retail.
  • Everyshop is an initiative of the JD group, which owns the Incredible Connection, HiFiCorp, Russells, Bradlows, Rochester and Sleepmasters chains.
  • It looks to be targeting the likes of Takealot and Loot as a go-to for anything you want to buy online.
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General online retailers in South Africa will have a new competitor soon: Everyshop, a promised "‘one-stop’ shopping channel with a curated offering" from well-known brands.

Unlike the existing go-to online department stores in South Africa, though, Everyshop is not a pure digital play. It is an initiative of the JD Group, which owns the Incredible Connection, HiFiCorp, Russells, Bradlows, Rochester and Sleepmasters chains.

That means it will open its online doors with a national network of 16 distribution centres – and a delivery system that moves both delicate electronics and unwieldy furniture around every day.

Its launch date is yet to be confirmed, and the JD Group is not yet saying much about the venture. But it has hinted at an offering broader than that found in its stores.


"The increased need for convenience through on-line shopping has inspired us to look at innovative ways to serve our customers better, whilst also providing access to additional products, brands and categories not offered through the current retail channels of the group," said the company. 

The group's individual brands have their own e-commerce operations, but with lower profiles than aggregator platforms with huge selections, such as Takealot.

Everyshop, its parent promises, will offer a unique departmental shopping experience.

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