The Ever Given seen in a still from a Facebook live video by the Suez Canal Authority on March 29, 2021, announcing that it had been freed.

The Ever Given, the massive container ship that has spent days stuck in the Suez Canal, was set free Monday, restoring traffic to the Suez Canal.

Leth Agencies, a canal service provider, confirmed Monday that the ship had been entirely re-floated and was moving throughout the canal, the Associated Press reported.

According to the report, tugboats were able to pull the ship from the back of the canal where it had been stuck for nearly a week.

The tugboats will now pull the ship to Great Bitter Lake where it will be inspected, the report said.

The Ever Given became stuck last week, on Tuesday, blocking one of the business maritime shipping routes on Earth. The ship had been partially freed earlier Monday through the use of a dredging ship that can move upwards of 70,000 cubic feet of sand an hour.

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