You can now lease sports fields at Eskom’s huge Joburg HQ – but not the employee swimming pool

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Eskom Megawatt Park employee swimming pool
Employees will still be using the swimming pool. (Google Maps)
  • Eskom is looking for someone to lease two sports fields at its Megawatt Park headquarters north of Johannesburg.
  • For a minimum bid of around R900,000 per year – before water and electricity – you can get the use of an Action Soccer field, a general-purpose sports field, and associated changing rooms.
  • You'll still be sharing the swimming pool with Eskom employees, though.
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If you have around R900,000 per year to spare, you could land yourself a three-year lease on a fairly large sporting complex in a high-priced neighbourhood between Sandton and Midrand – as long as you are willing to share the swimming pool with Eskom employees.

The electricity company is now soliciting bids to lease sports fields on its sprawling Megawatt Park campus for three years starting on 1 January 2021, as part of its "investment recovery" initiatives.

Eskom, or Escom as it was then known moved into Megawatt Park, then a rural site far from the heart of Johannesburg, in 1977 – in a move its historians say the public "saw it as an example of Escom's wasteful expenditure" at the time.

It is now surrounded by high-priced housing and office parks, with quick access to highways and shopping centres.

On offer in this prime, access-controlled location are an Action Soccer field and a general-purpose sports field, measuring 20,280 square metres in total. The deal also includes 5,076 square metres of "changing rooms, treatment/medical rooms and social recreation rooms" in converted basement offices nearby.

Not included is the swimming pool; the lease-holder will have access to it, but so will Eskom employees.

Eskom's reserve price for the lease is a little over R70,000 per month, for a total of around R800,000 in year one. But there is a 7% escalation built into the lease, and the tenant will have to pay for maintenance, electricity, and for any water used for irrigation, which is metered even though it is supplied from a borehole on the site.

Bids will be evaluated on price, and only on price, Eskom says.

Offers close on 1 September.

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