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We got a free burger via FNB and The Entertainer — here’s how

Phillip de Wet , Business Insider SA
 Jan 09, 2019, 09:28 AM

Free burger
  • FNB clients now get free access to The Entertainer, an app that offers 2-for-1 deals.
  • We tried it out for lunch in Johannesburg.
  • We ended up eating slightly more up-market than we normally would – and got a R103 hamburger for free.

First National Bank now offers its eBucks users free access to The Entertainer, an app that offers 2-for-1 special promotions from restaurants and hotels – normally at a sign-up cost of R495 for use one of Cape Town, Durban, or the Johannesburg/Pretoria conurbation.

We signed up via FNB, and set out to find a free lunch near our Johannesburg offices.

Once the app had access to our location, it quickly identified a couple of restaurants in the Melville suburb that would offer 2-for-1 on a main meal, as long as it was dine-in.

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Redeeming a voucher turned out to be as easy as advertised. Here's how it went.

The username and password arrived via email shortly after we requested them from the FNB banking app.

Entertainer details

The email even linked through to the app store to download The Entertainer.

The Entertainer app quickly identified a couple of restaurants in our area to pick from.

Entertainer app screenshot

Our more usual lunch spots, such as KFC for a quick drive-thru or Spur for a fancy sit-down, weren't available, but at least there were a couple of choices. All of them offered 2-for-1 deals on main meals.

While checking out some of the options on offer, the app demanded more details.

Entertainer details

Having already given the app permission to track our location, we weren't too worried about giving it birthday, nationality, and sex.

We selected The Countess, a steam-punk-themed casual dining restaurant.

Entertainer app

Restaurant staff assured us there was no funny business on availability, and no prior arrangements needed – just sit down and eat.

The Countess Menu

Our burgers weren't particularly cheap – but turned out to not be particularly small either.

Free burger

The cheaper of the two orders would be free, we were told, so stick with a dining partner with reasonable tastes, so you don't end up going half-and-half with someone with a taste for lobster and caviar.

Our total bill came to R270.

Countess bill

And that is where the app came in again.

Entertainer pin

Our waitress took the phone, entered a sequence of numbers...

Entertainer code

... and the app gave her a one-time redemption code.

Annoyingly, the app estimates savings in US dollars, but for a free burger, we can live with that.

While the app estimates the saving for record-keeping – and adds in "Smile points" of its own that we just plain ignored, it played no further role in adjusting the bill. Our waitress just did subtracted the cost of our less-expensive main meal.

Our saving, for doing almost nothing: just about 40%, or around R50 each.

The Countess

Thanks to a small drinks bill and no starters, our R103 saving comes to 38% of the final bill before tip. Splitting the final bill two ways would have saved us R51.50 each – for downloading an app, giving it our details, and eating slightly up-market.

Not quite a free lunch, but not bad either.

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