• Engineers have developed a wearable device that detects the amount of urine you have in your bladder.
  • It is designed specifically for incontinence.

Engineering startup Triple W has built a wearable device that detects the amount of pee you have in your bladder. It could go a long way toward helping seniors and people with disabilities prevent accidents.

Called the DFree, which stands for diaper free, it is a smart scanner designed specifically for incontinence.

The DFree. Source: Triple W

“Using ultrasound the device can tell the size of your bladder. When the bladder fills it expands in size and the device detects the change in size and tells you how much urine you have in your bladder,” said Ty Takayanagi, Triple W's marketing and business-development vice president.

The devices was built to help seniors and people with disabilities who have lost control or sense of their bladder, and don't want to wear diapers or pads.

"Accidents" are prevented by alerting users through an app linked to the device. The app displays the volume in numbers from 0, being completely empty, to 10, being the fullest. Users can then set the threshold of the notification to give themselves time to get to the bathroom discretely.

The device is now widely marketed in Asia and Europe and used in over 500 senior care facilities.

And it's worn like this this:

DFree demo model.
Triple W

It can be bought for around R12,000 (after estimated import duties) on Amazon and shipped to South Africa. 

According to the company there are over 500 million people affected by incontinence. 

The DFree is not a medical device and is not intended to be used in the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of diseases or medical conditions. 

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