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Watch: Engineers have built a Wall-E doppelgänger robot to make sure humans on construction sites are building to spec

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 Aug 05, 2019, 08:16 PM

Barcelona-based Scaled Robotics built a Wall-E doppelgänger to navigate around and build maps of construction sites by fusing images, video, and data captured by its robots.

The Wall-E doppelgänger robot was built to accurately track the design layout on construction sites and ensure features are designed to spec. It could mean cutting down on fixing errors on site, which they say accounts for approximatly 20% of costs. It will go a long way to preventing having to re-install skew air conditioners, and save time for engineers who would otherwise walk around floors with 2 metre-long sticks to see if they are even.

“You spend a lot of time in the office, creating this vision of what you wanted, that you thought was right, but ultimately, it came down to a guy in the field with just a tape measure and a piece of chalk that will put things pretty much however he felt on that day,” co-founder Stuart Maggs told Tech Crunch.

Scaled Robotics wants to minimize the rework by automating progress monitoring with autonomous mobile robots. They are making use of lidar and autonomous vehicle technology, the same technology Google used to map the world with cars and backpacks.

Their robots have been deployed in various construction sites around the world, including Dura Vermeer in the Netherlands and Kier in the U.K.

Maggs says there’s a real need for what it delivers: a high-resolution comparison of the digital model to the on-the-ground build site that helps build managers keep close track of progress and spot problems before they can scale into costly expenses.

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