An image from a video published by The Boring Company appearing to show an Xbox One controller being used to power the company's machinery.
  • The Boring Company shared footage appearing to show an Xbox One controller being used for its large-scale infrastructure work.
  • The company is planning four tunnels across the US as part of its broader efforts to provide a new, safe form of transportation.

Elon Musk's Boring Company uploaded a video to Twitter on Saturday that appeared to show an Xbox One controller being used to manipulate heavy machinery. The tongue-in-cheek post is captioned "Best video game ever" and seems to show someone using the controller's analog sticks and triggers to rotate the machine and perform other actions.

While an Xbox controller may not initially seem like the best way to handle such massive machinery, it's not unheard of: The US Navy plans to use Xbox 360 controllers to operate the periscopes on its new submarines because of their ease of use and familiarity among young sailors, and Xbox controllers have also been used with autonomous cars, including military support vehicles.

During an interview with the comedian Joe Rogan last week, Musk discussed The Boring Company's origins, saying the company began as a hobby born out of a joke, but the company now has major infrastructure projects planned for Chicago; Washington, DC; Los Angeles; and Hawthorne, California. The company's Los Angeles project is called Dugout Loop and aims to install a high-speed transportation system underneath the city.

Dugout Loop calls for the excavation of a 3-mile tunnel from Dodger Stadium to a western terminus near existing Los Angeles metro stations. The transit system is intended to travel up to 150 mph, and The Boring Company has promised a commute of under four minutes for special events at the stadium. The company has already shown progress with the excavation of the tunnel, sharing footage of the tunnel's starting point on social media.

The Boring Company's sense of humor may not go over so well with critics of the Dugout Loop, who have called out the project for a lack of oversight. While speaking with Rogan, Musk acknowledged that the project may not succeed but said it was worth pursuing an alternative to the clogged Los Angeles highways.

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