Elon Musk, the rare CEO to joke about smoking marijuana.

  • Elon Musk made a joke about 420, a reference to smoking marijuana, on Saturday as part of the reveal of 60 high-tech satellites.
  • The satellites are part of a bold gambit at bringing ultra-high-speed internet to the world.
  • Minor internet coverage will require launching 420 satellites, according to Musk. "That *might* not be my lucky number," Musk joked.
  • Musk famously got into trouble with the SEC last year when he talked about taking Tesla private at $420 a share.
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Elon Musk isn't done making 420 jokes just yet.

His latest came this weekend while revealing 60 SpaceX satellites to the public for the first time. Rocket company SpaceX plans to launch them into space for its first mission late on Wednesday.

SpaceX wants to build up a global network of nearly 12,000 satellites, part of a bold project called Starlink aimed at bringing ultra-high-speed internet to the world.

But getting minor internet coverage will take just six more launches of 60 satellites, Musk tweeted.

If you do the math, that's 420 satellites in total. That's how people refer to smoking marijuana, something that's gotten Musk into hot water before. Most famously, Tesla was fined $20 million (R285 million) by the SEC after Musk claimed that he might take the electric car company private at $420 (R6 000) a share.

When one Twitter user pointed the 420 sum out, Musk joked back about it.

"That *might* not be my lucky number," Musk tweeted, adding an emoji of a four-leaf clover.

Musk was also notoriously filmed smoking a mixture of marijuana and tobacco last fall while being interviewed on a podcast.

Marijuana use is legal in California, where it happened, but NASA's top official later publicly chastised Musk about it, describing the incident as "not appropriate behaviour."

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