EFF attack on Vodacom store
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  • Self-styled EFF members and supporters attacked and vandalised at least two Vodacom stores.
  • The attacks come after online threats of retaliation for what supposed EFF supporters described as insults to their movement.
  • EFF leaders were described as "corrupters of democracy" during a speech at an event sponsored by Vodacom.
  • Vodacom said the sentiments were not its own.

UPDATE: On Sunday night Vodacom confirmed that some of its stores will be closed at least on on Monday. "Certain stores, including Mall of the North, will remain closed until further notice. The safety and security of customers and franchise staff remains paramount," spokesperson Byron Kennedy told Business Insider South Africa.

Self-declared members and supporters of the EFF, many in EFF T-shirts, attacked at least two Vodacom stores on the weekend, in Polokwane – home town of EFF leader Julius Malema – and in Makhado in Limpopo.

Both stores were significantly damaged in the rampages, with part of one of the attacks caught on video.

In Port Elizabeth police intervened after an EFF group reportedly insisted that a store at The Bridge shopping centre should be close.

The attacks come after self-styled EFF supporters threatened Vodacom with damage to property and "revolutionary visits".

Last week Corruption Watch chairperson Mavuso Msimang displayed an image linking the EFF to corruption of democracy during the Vodacom Journalist of the Year awards, which have long been sponsored by the cellphone company.

On Saturday several EFF groups visited Vodacom stores in what were generally reported as peaceful protests.

Vodacom said the franchise store owner of the Vodacom outlet at Mall of the North reported that three women were assaulted and goods stolen during the incursion.

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