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A referee accidentally scored a goal during a Dutch soccer game, then caused outrage by refusing to disallow it

Barnaby Lane , Business Insider US
 Oct 01, 2019, 11:48 AM
Referee Maurice Paarhuis let his accidental goal stand.
Twitter/Harkemase Boys
  • Referee Maurice Paarhuis scored during a Dutch fourth tier game in May, and then allowed the goal to stand.
  • Home side Harkemase Boys were leading 3-1 when Paarhuis scored for visitors HSV Hoek to make it 3-2.
  • Fortunately for the Dutch official, his goal would have no impact on the final score, with Harkemase going on to win 4-2.
  • The calamitous goal resurfaced on Twitter this week. You can watch it below.
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Soccer referee Maurice Paarhuis showed off his remarkable striking instincts in a Dutch fourth tier game between Harkemase Boys and visitors HSV Hoek back in May.

Footage of the official getting a little too close to the action and poking the ball in the back of the net resurfaced on Twitter this week.

Hoek were 3-1 down at the time but on the attack, when the ball was whipped across the box and a messy goalmouth scramble ensued.

Harkemase looked like they may have weathered the storm, however, as they finally went to boot the ball clear, in stepped Paarhuis (albeit accidentally) to thump the ball home and take the score to 3-2.

You can watch Paarhuis' effort here:

Paarhuis, amazingly, blew his whistle signaling for the goal to stand, causing outrage among the home team.

Harkemase players flooded round the Dutchman to question his decision, however, his mind would not be changed.

Fortunately for Paarhuis, his decision had no impact on the outcome of the game, with Harkamase going on to score again to win the game 4-2.

On the game sheet, the goal was officially awarded to Hoek's number 10, Rik Impens, who was the last player to touch the ball before Paarhuis.

The strike was Impens' 16th of the season, and no doubt his easiest.

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