• A survey by the global app Sleep Cycle of more than 5,300 South Africans show that on average they spend seven hours in bed per day.
  • South Africans typically wake up at 06:20, making us the earliest risers in the world.
  • Capetonians get the most sleep, while Durbanites have truly awful sleeping habits.

New data tracking the sleep habits of thousands of South Africans shows that Durbanites are getting the least sleep, averaging just over seven hours a night.

The global app Sleep Cycle mined data from more than 5,300 South Africans across the country.

The most downloaded alarm clock app in the world, Sleep Cycle tracks a user's sleep as they go through a cycle of sleep phases. 

It showed that on average South Africans app users spend some 7 hours and 20 minutes in bed, going to bed at 23h00, and waking up at 06h20.

Last year, a Sleep Cycle survey among almost a million global users showed that South Africans are the earliest risers in the world. 

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A breakdown of different suburbs showed that Roodepoort users on average woke up before 06h00 in the mornings. 

The app also tracked sleepers’ movements per hour in bed. A lower movement per hour average score means that the user enjoyed more restful sleep. Durbanites again scored the worst, with more than 64 movements per hour, while users in Johannesburg (57 movements) slept best.

Every morning, app users rate their mood when they wake up. Sleep Tracker data show that Pretoria users are South Africa’s morning people, rating their mood at almost 70% (100% is ecstatically happy), while Jozi wakers were grumpiest (61%).

The app tracked snoring as well. Snoring on average 21 minutes a night, Pretoria was almost SA’s Snore City, but lost out to Durban (23 minutes). 

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