'Sorry about that': DStv streaming drops Springbok fans during first Rugby World Cup match against New Zealand

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Screenshot of the apology message DStv Now had whe
Screenshot of the apology message DStv Now had when users wanted to stream the Springboks match.
  • The Springboks played their first Rugby World Cup match against New Zeeland on Saturday – but some fans couldn't watch it.
  • DStv is the only broadcaster with the rights for the tournament in South Africa, and its online streaming platform went down. 
  • DStv apologised to customers on social media, saying they should reset their devices. 
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Some South Africans were unable to watch the Springboks' match against New Zealand on Saturday when online streaming service DStv Now ran into trouble. 

DStv is the only broadcaster with television rights for the Rugby World Cup in South Africa, while state broadcaster SABC is only able to broadcast on radio. 

When at least some users tried to log into their DStv Now accounts to view the match, they were greeted by a black screen and an apology message.

“Sorry, we’re unable to play this video right, something went wrong on our side,” it read.

When Business Insider South Africa tested the service during the second half of the Springboks match, we received the same apology. 

This despite streaming the match being promoted on both the DStv website and social media channels. 

Supporters turned to social media to voice their outrage. 

“Dear  @DStv, please refrain from advertising if you can't deliver,” reporter Jana Marx tweeted. 

“Your DSTV Now app is costing thousands of people the opportunity to support the  @Springboks. What a shame.” 

“@DStv incredible timing as always,” @justtinotenda tweeted. 

Through its support twitter page @DstvCares, DStv apologised to hundreds of frustrated users. 

“Our tech-team was informed of this issue and it was resolved,” @DStvcare tweeted around half time of the match. 

For other users, DStv asked to customers to send more information about the issue, or to restart their devices. showed that the DStv website started experiencing around 11:00 at the start of the Springboks match. showing when DStv Now started hav showing when DStv Now started having problems.

DStv Now service experienced similar issues in May when customers wanted to stream the 8th season premiere episode of HBO's Game of Thrones. 

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