President Donald Trump.
  • Search "loser" on Twitter, and the first search result under the "People" tab is President Donald Trump.
  • The results are based on patterns of what people are tweeting, a Twitter spokesperson said Monday.
  • "These associations are temporary and ever-changing based on how people tweet," they said.
  • Trump has repeatedly called his opponents "losers" during his time at the White House.
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President Donald Trump's time in the White House has been marked by his heavy – and at-times controversial – Twitter presence, and he has often insulted his opponents and others as "losers."

But now, if you search "loser" on Twitter, the first search result under the "People" tab is Trump himself.

Insider and its election partner, Decision Desk HQ, projected Joe Biden the winner of the election on Friday, and other major outlets like the Associated Press and CNN called the race for Biden on Saturday.

Trump has refused to concede.

A Twitter spokesperson told Business Insider on Monday that it's a result of what people have been tweeting, and that it might not last.

"If an account is mentioned often alongside certain terms, they can become algorithmically surfaced together as an association," a Twitter spokesperson told Business Insider.

"These associations are temporary and ever-changing based on how people tweet."

Twitter, like many other social media platforms, came under scrutiny during the election as misinformation about candidates, voting, and the results spread.

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Twitter flagged several Trump tweets — including ones in which he claimed he'd won the election — as potentially "misleading," and and a civil-rights organization demanded that Twitter suspend Trump's account after he made baseless claims about voter fraud.

Trump, meanwhile, claimed Twitter was "out of control" Friday after the platform continued to label his election tweets as "disputed."

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