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20 hysterical photos of dogs taken at the wrong time

Gili Malinsky , Business Insider US
 Aug 04, 2019, 11:04 AM
Abby Narishkin's dog Jasper.
Courtesy of Abby Narishkin

Sometimes, even dogs aren't ready for their close-ups. Though most of the time our furry friends are nothing short of adorable, dog owners have been known to snap less-than-flattering photos of their pups. The results are always hysterical.

Here are 20 photos of dogs taken at the wrong time.

Here’s Bambi learning about static electricity after rolling around on the couch.

Courtesy of Julia Woolever

As a 12-year-old shih tzu, Bambi probably should've known better.

Here's Laney lounging on the brand new patio furniture her mom definitely doesn't allow her to sit on.

Courtesy of Anthony Iaffaldano

Laney is a 6-year-old rescue, and, according to owner Anthony Iaffaldano, "she's a mix between a lab, a hound dog, and, at times, and based entirely on personality, a cat."

"We always joke that he's had such a long day," said Oliver's owner Corina Pintado. Here he is post-yawn.

Courtesy of Corina Pintado

Oliver is a 4-year-old hound mix and "a big fan of spending his days on the couch," said Pintado.

Benjamin Button probably didn't mean to get stuck under the bed.

Courtesy of Frank Olito

Owner Frank Olito contends that there are no unflattering photos of Benji, a pomeranian.

Here's Jasper lying on the ground waiting for a belly rub.

Abby Narishkin's dog Jasper.
Courtesy of Abby Narishkin

Jasper is an 8-year-old corgi.

Olive was not ready to get up yet, said owner Nick Bastone.

Courtesy of Nick Bastone

Olive is a 5-month-old German shorthaired pointer.

Jack really wanted that ball owner Arielle Domantay was holding.

Courtesy of Arielle Domantay

Jack is a 5-year-old chihuahua beagle mix.

"I have a ton of photos of him just being weird," said Domantay.

During a corgi meetup, Sir Paul McCorgi found something he couldn't stop rubbing his face on.

Courtesy of Hattie Weber

"My fiance and I literally yelled at him, 'PAUL! STOP!'" said owner Hattie Weber. "He stood up, looked at us, and then did it again." Sir Paul McCorgi was born to be derpy, she said.

For anyone curious to follow Sir Paul McCorgi's daily shenanigans, he's also got his own Instagram page.

Here's DB, per usual, demanding to be pet.

Courtesy of Michelle Kim

DB is a 13-year-old miniature schnauzer.

Stevie likes to sit like a human.

Courtesy of Nico Reyes

Not the most flattering pose for Stevie, a one-year-old lab/boxer mix.

Here's Nala looking skeptical at the canine cafe Boris & Horton's.

Courtesy of A´ine Cain

Nala is a 6-year-old setter mix.

After Whiskey had a lump removed, he may have fallen in love with the inflatable cushion that became his permanent pillow.

Courtesy of Matt Stuart

Whiskey is a 3.5-year-old puggle.

Cooper was just hanging out like this when his picture was taken.

Courtesy of Rachel Furst

Cooper is a one-year-old golden doodle.

Here's Dolly helping owner Jim Edwards answer emails.

Courtesy of Jim Edwards

Dolly is a 15-year-old yorkie mix with quite a story. She was found at the side of the road during winter and given to dog rescue All Dogs Matter.

"As far as we can tell, she had received almost zero vet care in her life," said Edwards. "She could barely walk because her nails had never been trimmed. She had a number of tumors ... We took her in, thinking we would give her a few weeks of hospice care."

But seven months after adopting her, Edwards reports Dolly's doing well.

"She's got tons of attitude," he said. "As far as we can tell she's mostly blind until another dog shows up, at which point she can see perfectly."

Here's Archie mid-yawn. He was wearing this cone because he had recently gotten neutered, said owner Jackie Adell.

Courtesy of Jackie Adell

"What I remember from this time is that he was constantly trying to move around and would knock the cone against everything," said Adell. "This was a chill moment for him even if it doesn't look like it."

Here's Oliver after an "awful" haircut, said owner Celia Skvaril.

Courtesy of Celia Skvaril

Oliver is a 5-year-old labradoodle.

Here's Morty eating the cucumber he definitely earned.

Courtesy of Tricia Vuong

Morty, a 3-year-old pointer/labrador mix, had just done a full spin on his hind legs.

Nahla Morris has a hard time waking up.

Courtesy of Meghan Morris

Nahla is a 7-year-old golden retriever.

Here's Murray lying on the floor staring at the door.

Courtesy of David Slotnick

Murray is a 13-month-old goldendoodle.

Here's Leia chilling on the floor.

Courtesy of Jen DiMatteo

Leia is an 11-month-old Havanese.

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