• Jungle Oats is seemingly throwing shade at its competitors - particularly Weet-Bix - with a new supermarket shelf ad.
  • The brand asks shoppers to consider whether their cereal soaks up too much milk.
  • For its part, Weet-Bix believes Jungle Oats "might be feeling a little lonely".
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Supermarket shoppers may have noticed a bit of a fight brewing in the cereal aisle, with a shelf ad from Jungle Oats seemingly taking shots at its competitors.

The ad begs the question “Does your cereal soak up too much milk?”, and then pitches an alternative: “Rather choose Jungle Oats, it’s delicious with milk or water.”

One social media user remarked that the ad seems to be placed next to Weet-Bix, a high-fibre cereal which does require some dairy-based lubrication.

But Jungle Oats says the placement of the banners are not within its control.

“The category banners are designed with the intention of being placed within the home aisles such as the cereal aisles. However, given the fact that Jungle does not control the aisle, we are unable to comment on this specific placement,” says Kanyisa Ndyondya, spokesperson for Tiger Brands, which owns the Jungle Oats brands.

Ndyondya said the company’s consumer research indicated that consumers expressed a need for affordable breakfast options especially with the country’s dire economic situation that has left consumers financially squeezed. That was the logic behind the company using the phrase "can be used with milk or water", Ndyondya said.

Responding to the ad, Mandy Murphy, foods executive at PepsiCo SSA which owns the Weet-Bix brand, said: “We understand that Jungle Oats might be feeling a little lonely. Bokomo is by far the biggest cereal brand in SA, and Weet-Bix is found in more homes than any other cereal”.

“South Africans love it, whether with milk or some other way. And people that love and enjoy Weet-Bix simply eat Bokomo Oats if they feel like a change,” Murphy said.

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