Doctors reattached the severed penis of a Chinese man who woke up in a pool of blood with no idea what happened to him

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A video posted on Chinese video sharing site Pear Video purporting to show "Tan" in hospital after he awoke to find his penis had been cut off.

  • Doctors in China reattached the penis of a man who woke to find someone had cut it off after a night of heavy drinking.
  • According to a report from Sanxiang Metro News, a man identified only as "Tan" woke up after a night out in Huaihua, Hunan Province, to find his severed penis hanging from just five millimetres of skin, and his body soaked in blood.
  • Doctors at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, in Changsha, operated on Tan for seven hours, and were able to save his penis.
  • The 44-year-old is reportedly in shock, has not spoken to anyone since the incident, and will not file a police report.
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Doctors in China have reunited a man with his severed penis after he woke to find it had inexplicably been cut off during a night of drinking.

The man from China's Hunan Province, identified as "Tan" by Chinese media, was out with friends on May 7, and blacked out after drinking half a litre of strong rice wine.

According to a report from the newspaper Sanxiang Metro News, the 44-year-old awoke at 05:00 covered in blood, and found that his penis was almost completely removed from his body. It remained attached by just one-fifth of an inch of skin, the report said.

Changsha, where the man was operated on, in China's Hunan Province.

He then called his brother, who rushed him to several local hospitals, who were unable to treat the severed penis, before he was eventually transferred to Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, in Changsha, Global Times reported. Changsha is around 400km and four and a half hours drive from Huaihua.

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Seven hours of surgery later, the penis was successfully reattached.

Doctors had to painstakingly sew together his urethra, spongy tissues, and blood vessels. He spent the following week in hospital under close supervision.

Associate Doctor Wu Panfeng told the Sanxiang newspaper that because the penis was not totally cut from his body, it was harder to save.

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If it'd come off fully, he said, a bucket full of ice could have preserved the penis until doctors could operate.

Doctors say that his sexual functions should be back to normal soon.

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