A Discovery Vitality runner in Johannesburg (Insta
A Discovery Vitality runner in Johannesburg (Instagram, @discovery_sa)
  • In 2020, Discovery Vitality will start assessing its members’ mental health. 
  • Based on the outcomes, members will get individualised goals such as sleeping more and meditating every day. 
  • If members achieve the goals, they will get Discovery Miles which can be used to buy clothes, book flights, or be converted into money. 
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Discovery Vitality members will soon start rewarding members for sleeping enough and meditating every day in an effort to improve mental health. 

Discovery Vitality CEO Dinesh Govender said its mental health well-being programme will launch at the beginning of 2020 at no additional cost to members. 

Govender said their research showed that people suffering from mental illness are 60% more likely to be diagnosed with preventable chronic conditions. 

“Vitality strongly encourages physical health, and there is a strong link between mental health and physical health,” Govender told Business Insider South Africa. 

“In keeping with the emphasis on promoting behaviours that improve physical health and prevent illness, Vitality also aims to promote those factors that improve mental well-being.” 

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He said from the beginning of 2020, members will be requested to completed a mental well-being assessment every six months which could earn them 1,000 Vitality points. 

The questionnaire will assess levels of anxiety, depression, sleep, substance abuse, resilience and happiness.  

Based on the outcomes, Govender said, Discovery Vitality will provide tailored recommendations and interventions which include: 

  • telephonic counselling through the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) which will be available 24 hours a day 
  • clinical referrals in line with an individual's medical aid benefits
  • sleep 7 hours a day for 4 days a week, tracked through partner sleeping application
  • meditate 10 minutes a day for 3 days a week, tracked through partner mental application. 

If members achieve their goals, they will be rewarded with Discovery Miles which can be used to buy Active Rewards such as coffees and smoothies, buy at Discovery’s retail partner network, pay for flights, or it can be converted into cash. 

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Members can earn over 1000 Discovery Miles a year for reaching mental well-being goals, Govender said. 

Govender said that while the benefit might be free, some interventions such as applications, doctor and psychologist visits may cost money.