• Thousands of Discovery users received a test notification from the company's mobile app on Thursday. 
  • Users questioned whether it was an intern who sent the push alert, while others thanked Discovery for saying hi. 
  • Discovery apologised, and said it sent the message out of excitement. 
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Financial services provider Discovery says it accidentally sent a push notification to users of its mobile applications out of excitement. 

Discovery users across South Africa received a push notification on Tuesday afternoon which read: “another test, hello world”. 

Some users rushed to social media to alert Discovery of the notification – with some thanking Discovery for saying hi.

“Letting the interns loose on your systems again, @Discovery_SA,” @ncallegari asked. 

“Hello to you too,” @JaredPetersen5 said. 

Shortly after the push notification, Discovery sent another push notification apologising for the mistake. 

“Oops! Sorry about the message we sent earlier! We’re testing some exciting stuff, and accidentally pressed send,” the notification read. 

Discovery told Business Insider South Africa that it apologises for the confusion caused by the notification, and that users should not be concerned about the test notification. 

It didn’t wish to divulge what “exciting stuff” it is working on. 

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On social media, most users accepted Discovery’s apology with one calling it “cute”.

“It's all good, thanks for the notification about the notification,” @themillerbd said. 

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