You’ll soon be able to get a free iPhone 11 and Apple Watch from Discovery Bank. Here’s what we know.

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  • Discovery Bank clients will be able to get the new iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5 for free – if they hit certain targets. 
  • The freebies will be subject to hitting Vitality goals on both fitness and finance.
  • More details on the benefits are due next week. 
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South Africans will soon be able to get the new iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5 for free if they are Discovery Bank customers – and hit certain goals.

The R14,999 64GB iPhone 11 and R7,999 Apple Watch Series 5 are available on preorder now and are due in the hands of South African buyers starting from September 27. 

Discovery Bank told Business Insider South Africa that the Apple Watch will be available to clients who achieve Vitality fitness goals every month.

Details on how clients will be able to get the iPhone 11 will be released next week, but will depend on Vitality Money status, part of the bank's "behavioural banking" approach

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Discovery has for many years offered Apple Watches through its Vitality fitness scheme, which has rewards sufficient that it has had to implement anti-cheating measures, though aspects of the scheme, such as travel benefits, can at times be less useful than they may appear.

Discovery Bank faced delays in opening its doors to the general public, similarly to upstart Bank Zero which delayed its launch to 2020.

It has also struggled with public reception of the app at the heart of its offering.

It plans to offer Discovery Miles that operate as a "real time kind of crypto money", while encouraging specific financial behaviours, including spending less than you earn, regular savings, insuring against adversity, paying off property, and investing for the long term.

Competitor Liberty has accused its parent group of breaking the law by offering incentives such as free movie tickets to get customers to sign up for life insurance.

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