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  • With the right smartphone in hand you can create and curate high-end quality content with just a few taps and apps
  • There are downloadable apps to enhance your phone photography, videography and even audio production
  • HUAWEI's Y6p is a device that is not only well-suited to being your pocket-sized content machine, but is also friendly on your pocket with it's affordable retail price

We're always looking for ways to express ourselves through creative outlets, and now more than ever we’re seeing a rise in content creators popping up from all walks of life - from students to suited-up businessmen – looking for a creative outlet.   

When it comes to creating content, the possibilities are limitless – from photography to podcasts and digital art – a quick scroll through social media will have you inundated with a diverse range of mediums. And these days you don't need to be professionally kitted out with the most expensive equipment to produce top-quality content. Thanks to the incredible leaps and bounds made by cellphone companies like Huawei, your ability to be creative can sit at a budget-friendly cost in the palm of your hands.  

Here are some of the top apps to help you express yourself with nothing more than your cellphone and some creative thinking:  

For the pictorial enthusiasts  

If you’re into photography, but don’t quite have the means to get a full camera set or editing software, here are some apps you can download to elevate your phone photography game. These six apps allow you to tweak the contrast, lighting and more of your image - as well as add fun and moody filter overlays. Many of these apps also allow you to play around with fun stickers or even become a sticker yourself.  

  • VSCO  
  • Adobe Lightroom  
  • Presets for Lightroom  
  • Fotor  
  • PicsArt  
  • LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects  

For the budding videographers and vloggers  

'Tis the season to hop on the Tik Tok lockdown bandwagon or start that YouTube channel you have been contemplating. These five apps will help you produce great video content by letting you splice, edit, speed up or slow down your video snippets as well as add fun filters, text, and music to your creations:  

  • Tik Tok  
  • FilmoraGo  
  • Film Maker Pro  
  • Flipagram  
  • PowerDirector  

For those who prefer being heard rather than seen  

For those more interested in audio production, all you need is the recording app on your phone and your headphone microphone to capture raw audio. If you’d prefer to boost your sound quality, investing in a phone-compatible external microphone to attach when recording your audio will do the trick. To elevate your audio recordings - these five apps will allow you to tweak and finetune it - from recording audio directly in-app to cutting up and stitching your audio snippets together as well as adding effects and backing music to it:  

  • Music Maker JAM  
  • Drum Pads 24  
  • WavePad  
  • MP3 Cutter  
  • Audio Editor  

Choosing your device  

But, before you can download these apps and get creating, you need to invest in a device that can keep up. You need to invest in a phone kitted out with a good quality camera, a great sound system, and the space capacity to house all your curated content.  

The HUAWEI Y6p is not only well-suited to being your pocket-sized content machine, but it’s also budget-friendly. Retailing at under R4000 this money-saver packs a punch with a 5000 mAh powerful battery, a crisp 13 MP camera and up to 64GB of space to store your creative projects. Coming in three fun colours, ‘Phantom Purple’, ‘Emerald Green’ and ‘Midnight Black’, the device features a triple camera on its back – allowing you to play around with depth and focus for your photos and videos. The Y6p is also kitted out with HUAWEI SuperSound – letting you enjoy podcasts and music in their full, booming glory. All of these exciting features and more make it the ideal creative buddy – especially with so much value for its buck. 

This post was sponsored by HUAWEI and produced by BrandStudio24.