Prince Philip is still faced with the difficult choice of selecting the perfect pint.
Justin Tallis

It's easy to assume that life as a royal is made up of big, glamorous weddings, famous friends, and expensive outfits.

But, if you look closely, there's a lot more to it.

From having your most embarrassing moments caught on camera to being expected to show up to events even when your newborn has kept you up all night, life as a royal has its challenges.

Scroll down to see some of the most disappointing photos that show what life as a royal is really like.

Cameras catch you when you're mid-sneeze.

Jane Barlow / Getty

You even get caught taking out the trash.

Ian Waldie / Getty Images

There are basically cameras on you at all times.

Charles McQuillan / Getty

People try to take selfies with you when you're really not in the mood.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty

You can't tell a secret without someone watching.

Phil Noble / Getty

You still have to pick up your daughter when she cries …

Chris Jackson / Getty

… and the world is watching when your son throws a tantrum.

Chris Jackson / Getty

Even when you're a royal, your dad still has to walk you to school …

Richard Pohle / Getty

… and your older brother gets the better view from the window seat.

Chris Jackson / Getty

You may win the match, but your wife gets to hold the trophy.

Chris Jackson / Getty

You're not allowed to wear the stylish new hat you bought for your day at Wimbledon...

Clive Mason / Getty

Source: Business Insider

... yet sometimes you have to wear a hat even when it's windy.

There are some outfits you're simply expected to wear.

John Stillwell / Getty

You also have to pose for some pretty awkward photos...

Yui Mok / Getty

... and try a lot of different sports.

You're expected to attend events even when your new baby has kept you up all night...

Eddie Mulholland / Getty

Source: Business Insider

... and when it's pouring rain.

You still want to drive yourself around …

Carl De Souza / Getty

… even in the rain, again.

Ben Stansall / Getty

Sometimes, you still have to take the train.

Reuters / Ian Jones

You board it just like everyone else.

Reuters/Stefan Rousseau

You do the gardening, too …

Reuters/Will Burges

… and on occasion, the grocery shopping.

Reuters/Justin Tallis

You still have to take off your own shoes.

You don't always get the best view at concerts, even when you're the queen.

Reuters/Dave Thompson

A two-year-old still manages to steal your popcorn …

Getty Images

… and you still struggle to pick your pint at the pub.

Prince Philip is still faced with the difficult choice of selecting the perfect pint.
Justin Tallis

Kids will still rub your beard and think you're Santa.

You have to meet with world leaders, whether you want to or not.

Some of them will keep you waiting even though you're the Queen.

Source: Vanity Fair

You have to visit a whole lot of exhibitions and museums.

You still have to dig in your handbag to find anything.

You're forced to put on a brave face when meeting new prickly creatures.

You have to try a lot of different food...

... even when you don't like the smell of it.

You still fall over sometimes...

Getty/Victoria Jones

... and you still look a bit awkward when you dance.

Chris Jackson / Getty

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