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You can now earn a deposit on a plastic bottle of Coke

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The new "returnable' bottles by Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa. Source Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa.
  • Special returnable plastic bottles of Coke, Sprite, and Fanta will now be available in Tshwane, Limpopo, the Eastern Cape, and Mpumalanga. 
  • When you return it, you will earn R9 off your next bottle. 
  • The bottles will be washed and reused up to 14 times.
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Coca-Cola has launched new two-litre returnable bottles made of PET plastic in Tshwane, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga – which will earn you money off the next one.

The PET bottles will cost roughly R2 more than the normal plastic bottles, but you will get a R9 deposit back on your next PET bottle. 

The recommended retail price for the new 2-litre PET bottle of Coca-Cola Less Sugar is R24 (including a R9 deposit). When you return the bottle, you will get your next PET bottle for R15. This will be around R7 cheaper than a "normal" plastic 2-litre bottle, depending on where you buy it.

Coca-Cola No Sugar, Sprite, and Fanta are also available in the new 2-litre returnable PET plastic bottle at a recommended retail price of R21 (including the R9 deposit). 

Once the bottle is returned, it’s cleaned and can be used for up to 14 times.

When the bottle reaches the end of its useable lifecycle, it will be recycled into another PET product. PET, or Polyethylene terephthalate, can be converted to fibres, fabrics, sheets for packaging, and manufacturing automotive parts. 

Coca-Cola Beverages SA (CCBSA) tested the deposit scheme in the Eastern Cape over recent months, and it says it was so successful that it will be launched in the rest of the country over the next five years.

“The consumer response to the new 2L returnable PET bottles has been overwhelmingly positive. We have seen customers in the Eastern Cape opting to switch over to purchasing the returnable 2L bottles and returning them after consumption," says Velaphi Ratshefola, Managing Director of CCBSA.

"After each bottle reaches the end of its useable lifecycle, it joins a regional manufacturing value chain which ultimately means less pollution in the environment."

The bottles have a paper label with a ‘RETURNABLE’ green band on the front of the bottle.

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