Datacentrix: HP Z-series
HP and Datacentrix.
  • The HP ZBook and Workstations offer powerful computing options for professionals who run with the big dogs.
  • From virtual reality creation to big data manipulation, these machines are designed for speed and longevity.

As an approved member of the HP Partner First program and an HP Partner First Platinum Partner, ICT solutions provider Datacentrix has also been named an HP Power Partner, giving its clients access to the highest level of support with minimal downtime.

Says Elmari Keyser, End User Computer (EUC) Product Manager for Datacentrix: “With the options available from the HP Z Series, we are in the business of creating fit-for-purpose machines that are built to meet our clients’ specific needs.

“By working with each client and an HP specialist, we determine both requirements and expectations for immediate operations and into the future. It’s an investment in the long-term career of the machine for when productivity and workloads increase.”

To do this, Datacentrix and HP conduct an audit of the environment the client is currently servicing, then factor in growth, new opportunities created by constantly-advancing software, and what future computing power must look like to stay ahead of the curve.

“We’re hearing so much about the ‘new normal’ now,” says Keyser, “but our function is the ‘imagine nation’; combining current best-practise with what the future is likely to bring.”

Z Book

ISV certification assures compatibility

Advances in software development have seen virtual reality (VR) saving engineers, architects and CAD specialists huge costs by creating 3D models that allow checking and costing of designs before building prototypes.

“ISV (Independent Software Vendor) certification ensures HP Z Workstations work with professional applications from the world's leading software companies,” Keyser says. “This is vital to ensure the compatibility of machine and software, as incompatibility can cause lock-up during rendering and loss of work, time and money.”

For HP to keep their clients a step ahead, the Z Series Workstations have current client requirements factory fitted, but the towers can still be upgraded at a later stage.

“Workstations deliver the performance and expandability needed for the consistent delivery of building information modelling (BIM), digital prototyping, and 3D CAD projects in less time,” Keyser notes, adding that as Big Data continues to add value to business strategies, computing speed and stamina is essential.

“The Z Series towers can be upgraded at any stage, but in order to keep the laptops as slim, light and portable as possible, HP has packed their punch into the smallest real estate possible, so upgrades are limited.”

Economy of investment 

To deliver cost-effective options, Datacentrix looks at the price of a device compared to the IP that the device will be used to create and builds that into the audit, noting that not every task worker needs the power of a top-of-the-range Z Series.

Using HP’s TechPulse system, a report provides insights into which devices are being overworked, potentially leading to downtime and possible failure. “This helps us to work out cost and productivity optimisation and determine which machine is fit for purpose,” Keyser says.

Sectors seeking the power of the Z Series include engineering, architecture, learning institutions that provide lab environments for students, and organisations that work with Big Data and graphics.

The HP Z Series laptop range can also lay claim reliability and ruggedness on the go – they undergo MIL-STD-810 testing, a United States Military Standard that tests the limits of conditions that it will experience throughout its service life.

From shock resistance and holding up in inclement weather to testing in high humidity, extremely dusty conditions, and vibrations experienced on large mining or construction equipment, the Z Series fares well. “They’re rugged, passing at least 19 military standards tests,” Keyser asserts.

This is just one more reason Datacentrix has such confidence in the Z Series, and our personal relationship with the HP experts who work with us to ensure complete client satisfaction, from design through to longevity of equipment.”

This post and content is sponsored, written and provided by HP.