5 things you need to know in SA business today and 9 gravity-defying building designs for people who aren't afraid of heights

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1. The economy may be shrinking, but your retirement savings should have received a solid boost in the first six months of this year. The local stock market saw its best start in 12 years, jumping by more than 10%. The JSE’s all share index is within reach of its all-time record high. Unfortunately, shares of SA-focused companies remain weak – but mining and global firms have rocketed. Platinum shares have jumped 60%, while gold shares are up 46% with the gold price at a six-year high.

2. Try to drive on fumes till Tuesday midnight – when a 95c/litre cut in the petrol price kicks in. Diesel will drop by 74c a litre. But with the good news, a bit of bad: higher electricity tariffs also kick in from today. 

3. Also, the new tax filing season under brand-new SA Revenue Service commissioner Edward Kieswetter starts today. SARS has fallen short of its targets in recent year, but this year wants to collect R1.4 trillion.

4. Business Day reports that Old Mutual wants to recoup some of the bonuses paid to Peter Moyo, who was fired last month amid accusations of a conflict of interest. He earned more than R35 million in the past year. Meanwhile Moyo will challenge dismissal from Old Mutual in court, and claims he was fired without a hearing. 

5. Some good economic news for a change: South Africa recorded a R1.74-billion trade surplus in May, SARS revealed on Friday. This means we exported more than we imported. Exports jumped more than 8% to R112 billion.

9 gravity-defying building designs for people who aren't afraid of heights

Reported by Meredith Cash

Skyscrapers are everywhere in big cities, but they're not built equally. Some building designs are more daring than others.

There are plenty of unique building designs with thrill-seeking features, from a spiral structure that overlooks a forest in Denmark to a skyscraper with a glass-paneled elevator that moves vertically and diagonally in Japan.

Here are nine gravity-defying building designs across the globe that you should only visit if you aren't afraid of heights.

A new 55-floor skyscraper in London has a rooftop infinity pool with transparent sides and a see-through floor.

Compass Pools

If all goes according to plan, construction for Infinity London will begin in 2020. Although some people have wondered how you would get in and out of the sky-high pool, the designer told INSIDER's Rachel Hosie that the answer is a spiral staircase enclosed in a tube (that's enclosed in another tube).

Read more: The world's first rooftop infinity pool with 360 degree views is set to open on top of a skyscraper in London

The Vessel is an art installation at New York's Hudson Yards.

the vessel
The Vessel. Photo: Hudson Yards

The honeycomb-shaped structure, designed by British architect Thomas Heatherwick, rises 46 metre in the air and boasts sweeping views of the Hudson River and surrounding buildings.

Read more: We climbed Vessel, the $200 million art installation at New York's Hudson Yards. Here's what it was like.

Guizhou province in China has a skyscraper with a 100m waterfall cascading down the side.

-/AFP/Getty Images

In addition to housing one of the largest man-made waterfalls in the entire world, Liebian International Plaza includes a hotel, office space, and shopping mall.

Read more: One of the world's largest artificial waterfalls is a man-made structure on the side of a Chinese skyscraper. Take a look.

Camp Adventures Forest Tower in Denmark is a nearly 45m spiral tower that visitors can climb to get a unique look at Gisselfeld Klosters Forest.

EFFEKT Architects / Camp Adventure

The observation deck was designed by EFFEKT Architects to blend in with its natural surroundings. It's made of weathered steel and locally sourced oak.

Read more: Denmark's spiral observation deck is an architectural masterpiece, but the photos show it's not for the faint of heart

Vincom Landmark 81 tower in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is the tallest building in the country, according to The Skyscraper Center.

Vincom Landmark 81. Photo: Aurecon

The 470m structure is home to a five-star restaurant, luxury hotel, spa, movie theater, and indoor skating rink.

Read more: The tallest skyscrapers of 2018 include a helipad, sky gardens, and an indoor skating rink

The Lotte World Tower in Seoul, South Korea, won the Emporis Skyscraper Award in 2018.

Lotte World Tower. Photo: Lotte Properties

As INSIDER's Aria Bendix wrote in December 2018, the building houses the world's fastest elevator, which is known as the Sky Shuttle. The double-decker chamber can travel from the ground level to the top in just one minute.

If the prospect of riding in an elevator that moves at 22 miles per hour isn't enough to scare you away, perhaps the Lotte World Tower's glass-bottomed observation deck on the 121st floor is.

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Singapore's Marina Bay Sands hotel is home to the tallest and longest infinity pool in the world.

The infinity pool overlooks the Singapore skyline from atop the 200m-tall building. The hotel also has luxury shopping malls and multiple spas.

Rides in Umeda Sky Building's glass-paneled elevators are not for the faint of heart.

Umeda Sky Building. Photo: Osaka Info

The elevators move diagonally as well as vertically to deliver people to the building's floating garden observatory, which is hollow in the center and allows spectators to look down at the city below.

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Although the skyscraper at 111 West 57th Street isn't the tallest building in New York City, it holds the title for skinniest skyscraper in the world.

The building boasts stunning views of Central Park and the city's skyline. However, as a result of its thin frame, the luxury condominium complex sways considerably, according to Gizmodo.

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