A dad makes his daughter hilarious posters when he picks her up from the airport, and the internet is loving it

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One woman's dad surprises her at the airport with hilarious welcome signs.
Courtney Payne
  • Courtney Payne, a nutrition and dietetics graduate student at the University of Oregon, flies to and from her home state of Kansas a few times a year.
  • Each time Payne lands at the airport, her dad, Doug Payne, waits for her while holding a custom poster and sometimes wearing a coordinated outfit.
  • Payne shared a now-viral tweet of her dad's clever airport signs.
  • "Not everyone has parents who can even pick them up at airports or do things for them like my dad does for me, so I definitely feel very lucky," Payne told Insider.
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One dad is taking his airport pickup skills to the next level by surprising his daughter with hilarious posters.

On Sunday, Courtney Payne shared photos via a now-viral tweet of her dad, Doug Payne, and his clever takes on the traditional "welcome home" sign.

Payne, a nutrition and dietetics graduate student studying at the University of Oregon, told Insider she gets to visit her home in Basehor, Kansas, which is located about 30 minutes from the airport in Kansas City, Missouri, a few times a year for school breaks.

To make her trips home even more exciting, her dad started creating clever posters to hold while waiting in the airport arrivals area.

Payne said when she flew home for her school's fall break last year, she found her dad waiting for her with a sign that read "Kardashian" - similar to a sign a limo driver may hold for a celebrity upon their arrival.

"I was honestly kind of shocked and embarrassed," Payne said. "I posted it on my Snapchat Story, and I maybe had 20 friends respond to me about how funny it was."

Payne's dad once surprised her with an airport welcome sign that read "Kardashian."

Payne said her dad, a retired police officer, has always loved making Courtney and her sister laugh.

"He's just always been a prankster," Payne said. "It still embarrasses me, but not as much as it did when I was 14."

The "Kardashian" poster was just the beginning, Payne said. On another occasion, she found her dad holding a sign that declared her "Miss Oregon."

Courtney Payne said her dad has always been a prankster.

When Payne arrived home from school for Thanksgiving break this year, her dad was waiting for her with a sign that read, "KC (Kansas City) welcomes Miranda Lambert."

"I saw some kids walk by and they were staring and pointing at my dad and asking if Miranda Lambert was really who was about to land at the airport," Payne said.

"I definitely think what he's doing is more of a supportive, loving family thing," Payne said of her dad.

On Sunday, Payne flew home for Christmas break. Upon arriving in Kansas City, Payne found her dad waiting for her in an elf costume, holding a poster mimicking Santa's "Naughty List." Payne said that her mom added to the festive scene by shaking jingle bells.

"The funniest one was the elf costume. I had some airport employees asking if I was Courtney, and then they told me that they were expecting an 8-year-old, not a 24-year-old," she said.

"My dad found the costume on Amazon and went all-out," Payne said.

After her dad showed up at the airport dressed as an elf, Payne said she decided she had enough material to share her father's antics with the world via Twitter.

"I thought that now that I had about three or four pictures, it would be funny to put them all together," Payne said. "I was joking with my dad, but I told him that this was going to go viral and that maybe we'd end up on the 'Ellen' show."

Payne said that seeing some responses to her tweet of her dad's airport welcome signs has reminded her to be thankful for her family - even in the moments that may seem embarrassing on the surface.

"It's kind of sad because some people have retweeted it and added a caption, like 'I would be so lucky to have a dad like that,'" Payne said. "Not everyone has parents who can even pick them up at airports or do things for them like my dad does for me, so I definitely feel very lucky."

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