Curro plans a new online school - and promises parents it won't be like home-schooling

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  • Private school group Curro is planning a new "school" that will offer online-only teaching.
  • The group is hoping this is a solution for parents worried about sending their children back to class during the coronavirus crisis.
  • It’s not home-schooling. Teachers are present and will give online classes, and work through online activities.
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The private school group Curro Holdings just announced that it will launch a new school that will do online teaching only.

The school, Curro Online, will see teachers guiding pupils through the national curriculum (CAPS), digitally.

"Curro Online is not a home-schooling model, where parents need to take on the responsibility of teaching and continuous supervision," Curro stressed. Instead, teachers will be present online during each lesson, and parents will only have to check homework.

“There is a structured timetable in place for the learner that needs structure, as well as the option to be flexible for those that work well at their own pace,” said the company. “The structured timetable has teachers initiating each class, and guiding learners through pre-set material on the online platform.”

Curro said that many parents are worried about sending their children back to school during the coronavirus crisis.

“Curro has identified a need among parents who are struggling to juggle home-schooling with their work, or are looking for an affordable online programme that will still give their child access to class-time with qualified teachers.”

Parents step back, in other words, and take on the more traditional role of checking homework and getting the kids up for school, rather than the hybrid of teacher and full-time worker many parents have been forced into during the lockdown.

Matric has not yet been phased into the model but, once it has, learners will write the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) examination.

While Curro did not yet want to confirm more about the new offering, it will presumably use the digital course material, which includes videos and animation, it has developed for its new range of Curro DigiEd Schools.

At these schools, pupils work with a tablet or computer to watch course material, and read more about the subject. A teacher is on hand to answer questions, but pupils primarily learn through digital platforms. At around R2,100 a month, it's less than half the school fee of some of the traditional Curro high schools.

So far there are three of these schools - in Cape Town, Midrand and the  Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg.

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(Compiled by Edward-John Bottomley)

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