Cafeteria, atrium, pause area. What to expect inside Curro’s new Durbanville High School Campus.

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Auditorium from the outside
Auditorium from the outside (Supplied)
  • Curro has expanded its Durbanville school in Cape Town by building a new contemporary campus for high school learners.
  • The new education facility is situated five kilometres from the old school, which is the first campus built by the group in the late '90s.
  • Curro Durbanville High School's design challenges the idea of a conventional school and showcases the latest in space design.
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Curro Durbanville, the first school to open under the group in the late 1990s, recently opened its brand new contemporary high school campus.

School entrance.
School entrance (Supplied).

The new campus, situated in Groot Phesantekraal, Cape Town, is an expansion of the current campus opened in a church in Durbanville on July 15, 1998.

The contemporary Durbanville campus built for high school learners is about 9,800sq² in size and was built with a pupil-centric approach, taking into consideration the needs and wants of pupils during the design process.

Walkway to main entrance
Walkway to main entrance (Supplied)
Main Entrance
Main Entrance (Supplied)

"In an effort to keep Curro Durbanvilleat the forefront of educational developments, we asked learners and teachers what their vision of an ideal school was before approaching the architects, and then shared that feedback with the architect team.

"This approach has ensured that our learners were truly at the centre of the new campus design," said Head of High School at Curro Durbanville Riaan Stroebel.

According to the group, the campus challenges the conventional school arrangement in terms of space, providing a spatial design that's flexible and hybrid.

School Atrium
School Atrium (Supplied)
Pause Area
Pause Area (Supplied)

"The school of the future is one that is integrated across its various spaces and uses. As all good architecture needs to, it works with the needs and uses of its occupants and this is what we have aimed to achieve through this project," said Stroebel. 


Curro Durbanville boasts a state-of-the-art 360-seater dedicated auditorium for performing arts, one adjoining dance studio, drama studio, and six music rooms with inter-movable doors for a flexible room.

Classroom 1
Classroom 1 (Provided)
Classroom (Supplied)
Music Area
Music Area (Supplied)
Cafeteria kitchen also to be used by Consumer Stud
Cafeteria kitchen also to be used by Consumer Studies Learners (Supplied)
Dance Studio
Dance Studio (Supplied)

The sports facilities include six tennis courts, four netball courts, a 400m dedicated athletics field, rugby field, an AstroTurf hockey field, and a cricket oval.

"Curro Durbanville has grown from humble beginnings to become a solid education foundation for the Durbanville community and surrounds. We believe this is a trailblazing next step in South African education.

"The new design and campus experience has been developed with our learners in mind; it is they who will use the grounds and is why they became such an important stakeholder in the upgrade process," said Curro Durbanville’s Executive Head Dirk van Zyl.

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