Ronaldo narrowly avoided being hit by the plastic bottle.
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  • Cristiano Ronaldo had a bottle of Coca-Cola thrown at him as he celebrated scoring at Euro 2020.
  • The Portuguese forward recently went viral for removing the sugary-drink from a press conference.
  • Ronaldo scored two penalties as Portugal drew 2-2 with France on Wednesday.
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Cristiano Ronaldo had a bottle of Coca-Cola thrown at him as he celebrated scoring a goal against France at Euro 2020.

Last week, the Portuguese forward went viral when he removed two bottles of the sugary drink from a press conference and pleaded with people to drink water instead.

Ronaldo scored twice, both times from the penalty spot, as Portugal drew 2-2 with France in a thrilling affair at the Ferenc Puskás Stadium, Hungary on Wednesday.

The result saw both teams progress to the tournament's knockout stages.

After Ronaldo celebrated his second of the night, he was showered with plastic cups and bottles, including a bottle of Coca-Cola, from the crowd.

Stewards intervened after a fan then ran onto the pitch and tried to greet Ronaldo.

Stewards had to remove a fan who tried to reach Ronaldo.
Getty/Franck Fife

As one of the main sponsors of Euro 2020, Coca-Cola is being placed in front of players and managers at press conferences before and after matches.

Ronaldo's snub of the drink last week sparked a number of individuals to follow suit in jest.

Italy midfielder Manuel Locatelli imitated Ronaldo's actions following his country's win over Switzerland, moving two bottles of Coca-Cola from in front of him and laughing.

Scotland midfielder John McGinn also asked "Any coke?" as he sat down at an empty table during a press conference.

Manchester United and France midfielder Paul Pogba also followed Ronaldo's lead, but not as a joke.

The 28-year-old, who is a devout Muslim, took a bottle of Heineken and placed it on the floor before speaking to the press ahead of France's draw with Hungary. Drinking alcohol is forbidden in Islam.

UEFA later warned players against blocking sponsors' products, saying it could punish their respective teams.

"They are obliged through their federation of the tournament regulations to follow," tournament director Martin Kallen said.

"We are never fining players directly from the UEFA side, we will do this always through the participating national association and then they could look if they will go further to the player, but we are not going directly for the moment to the player. We have the regulations signed by the participating federations."

Kallen did, however, say that instances such as Pogba's were different.

"We are quite open that if it's for a religious reason then they don't need to have a bottle [next to them]," he said.

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