Couple marries on a flight after plan to elope in Las Vegas was disrupted by a cancelled connection

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Wedding rings.
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  • A couple got married on a Southwest Airlines flight, the airline said.
  • The couple's initial plan to elope in Las Vegas was disrupted after their connecting flight was cancelled.
  • After boarding the Southwest Airlines flight, Pam and Jeremy agreed to tie the knot on board. 
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A canceled flight couldn't stop this love connection.

A couple got married on a Southwest Airlines flight after their initial plan to elope in Las Vegas, Nevada was disrupted, the airline shared in a Facebook post on Friday. 

Pam and Jeremy first joked about getting hitched in Las Vegas earlier this month, but soon realised they both wanted to take their relationship to the next level, the post said. 

The couple decided to go for it and purchased plane tickets with a Southwest competitor for the coming weekend and booked a chapel appointment to tie the knot the night they arrived. 

Upon arrival at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, they were informed that their connection to Vegas was cancelled, according to the airline. However, their luck changed for the better when they found seats on a Southwest flight to the city that also happened to have an ordained minister onboard. 

"Chris, another passenger traveling to LAS from DFW, overheard Pam and Jeremy discussing how they might still get to Vegas in time for their appointment," the post said. "Chris also happened to be an ordained minister and offered to marry the couple himself! The three went online, snatched up the last three seats to Vegas on a Southwest flight, and hurried together across town to Dallas Love Field."

The duo, already dressed for the wedding, boarded the Southwest Airlines flight when the pilot asked them about their attire and jokingly made a suggestion to get married on the plane. The joke became reality when the couple agreed to do it. 

The airline said the crew made toilet paper streamers,  a "snack mix sash" for Chris the officiant, and one of the attendants served as Pam's maid of honor.

In addition, a photographer who happened to be a passenger on the plane captured the moment while everyone on board signed a notebook to wish the couple the best. 

"Congrats to the newlyweds on a memorable inflight wedding neither our Employees nor Passengers are likely to forget! We can't wait to welcome you back onboard the love airline," the airline said. 

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