Wales’ Cory Hill.
  • A pro rugby player allegedly trashed a stranger's home in a drunken rage in the early hours.
  • Wales' Cory Hill was one of three men who reportedly attacked the property in Rhondda Cynon Taf in May.
  • The occupant said she feared "somebody was coming to kill" her and her family.
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Wales rugby international Cory Hill has been named among three men who reportedly trashed a stranger's home while drunk in the early hours of the morning, leaving the occupant and her children fearing for their lives.

BBC Wales reports Hill was "under the influence of alcohol" when he and two others damaged the woman's home in Rhondda Cynon Taf in May.

The woman, who chose not to give her name, said she feared "somebody was coming to kill" her and her family in the horrific ordeal.

"What I could hear was glass smashing against the upstairs windows and this most horrific banging sound at the front door," she told the BBC.

"The floor was shaking under my feet, I could feel the vibrations.

"It sounded to me, at the time, as if there was a sledgehammer being taken to my front door. At the same time there was the sound of broken glass coming from the top floor windows, so it was really disorientating."

She said she told her eldest child to take her baby, who was screaming, and "hide in the bedroom" because she believed "something really horrific was going to happen."

According to the BBC, there is no connection between Hill and the woman.

"The impact this has had on me physically and mentally has been quite significant," she said. "My child is still sleeping in bed with me, I cannot get my child to go back."

She also said her youngest child now screams when anyone knocks on the front door.

Cardiff Rugby, the team Hill was playing for at the time of the incident, apologised to the woman, saying: "We are all very sorry to hear what your children and yourself experienced, and hope you are now at ease in your home.

It said Hill's actions were "entirely out of character" and he was "extremely remorseful for the part he played."

The woman is yet to receive a personal apology from Hill, who joined Japanese club Yokohama Cannon Eagles in June.

She has now filed a complaint with the South Wales Police professional standards department, believing the situation to have been minimised because of Hill's status.

South Wales Police said the incident had been dealt with through a "community resolution."

"The themes that come up are around power and status, and how, if you have power and status and you are involved in sports, you can pretty much do what you want," she said.

"I feel like that's the message they have communicated to any young boy that wants to grow up to be a rugby player."

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