• A teenager in the UK started selling squirts of hand sanitiser to his classmates for 50 pence a squirt, his mom said in a Facebook post.
  • The student from Leeds was sent home for the day, after he earned £9.
  • His dad called him a "legend," according to his mom's post, and he used his earnings to buy doritos and plans to use the rest on a kebab.
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A student in Leeds was sent home from school after he was caught selling squirts of hand sanitiser to his classmates for half a British pound a squirt, the BBC reported.

His mother Jenny Tompkins posted the incident on Facebook, saying he came home grinning after he made £9 at Dixons Unity Academy. Her Facebook posted claimed he already bought some doritos with his earnings and plans to use the rest to buy a kebab.

Tompkins said it was hard to discipline her son for taking advantage of his classmates desire to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus since his dad called him from work to tell him he was a "legend".

The post has been shared over 175 thousand times. Many people were delighted with the students entrepreneurial spirit.

One commenter wrote "supply and demand! I wouldn't expel him, that is brilliant. Its not like he forced anyone."

The UK has reported more than 450 coronavirus cases and eight deaths. Stores across the world are facing shortages of hand sanitizer, hand soap, and other cleaning supplies as people rush to stock up.

Globally, the coronavirus has infected more than 126 000 people and more than 4 600 have died.

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