Donald Trump and Boris Johnson.

  • Donald Trump says he was surprised by how "incredible" Boris Johnson sounded over the phone.
  • The pair spoke on Thursday for the first time since Johnson was hospitalised with the coronavirus.
  • "He was like the old Boris. Tremendous energy, tremendous drive. I was very surprised," Trump said.
  • The UK prime minister is reportedly preparing to officially return to work as early as next week.
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Donald Trump says Boris Johnson "sounded incredible" when the pair had the their first conversation since the UK prime minister was hospitalised and received intensive care for the coronavirus.

The US President on Thursday told reporters he was "actually surprised" by how "ready to go" the prime minister was.

"I will tell you, he sounded incredible. I was actually surprised. I thought he'd be like 'oh Donald how are you?'. He was ready to go. I am very surprised to tell you this," Trump said.

"He was like the old Boris. Tremendous energy, tremendous drive. I was very surprised. Because he called me almost, you know, pretty close to after he got out of the hospital. I think he's doing great. I think he's doing great.

"He's so sharp and energetic. Pretty incredible. He's an incredible guy."

Trump added: "He's a friend of ours and a friend of mine and he loves our country. He loves his country a lot. But he loves our country, he respects our country, and they're lucky to have him over there."

Johnson is currently recovering at Chequers, the prime minister's country house, after spending a week in St Thomas' hospital, London, with the Covid-19 virus. The prime minister became so ill that he was moved into the intensive care.

The Telegraph newspaper on Friday reported that Johnson planned to return to work as early as Monday next week.

The UK's First Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is currently deputising for him.

Watch: Trump says Johnson had 'tremendous energy, tremendous drive'

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