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Covid-19: Coronvirus cases are surging, as Europe and the US become epicentres

Hilary Brueck , Business Insider US
 Mar 31, 2020, 03:18 PM
Coronavirus, New York
(Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
  • While China appears to have stopped the spread of the novel coronavirus inside that country, cases are surging in other spots around the globe.
  • The US logged 19 332 new Covid-19 infections on Monday, with at least 2 774 new cases diagnosed in New York City alone.
  • Officials in the US say that in a best-case scenario, the new virus may kill upwards of 100 000 Americans.
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As the spread of the novel coronavirus grinds to a near-halt in China, the virus continues silently spreading fast around the globe.

New York state, with more than 66 497 sick people, now has more than 6% of the world's coronavirus cases. President Trump said on Sunday that if the US emerges from the coronavirus pandemic with fewer than 100 000 deaths, it'll mean the country has done a "very good job".

Others on the White House's Coronavirus Task Force paint an even bleaker picture.

"We're very worried about every city in the United States, and the potential for this virus to get out of control," US coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx told NBC News on Monday morning. "If we do things together well, almost perfectly, we could get in the range of 100 000, 200 000 fatalities."

On Monday alone, the US tallied up 19 332 new cases of the virus, which can prompt a cough, fever, difficulty breathing, and in severe cases, death. The severity of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, varies widely with age: the virus kills 15% of infected people over 80, but just 0.2% of people under 39.

The majority of other new cases around the world were diagnosed and reported on Monday in Spain (6 549), Italy (5 217), and Germany (4 751), according to the WHO. In China, where the virus originated, transmission appears to have slowed dramatically: 106 new cases were confirmed Monday, and many of the most recent infections in that country originated from abroad.

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