• A new survey of braai meat prices shows large differences between provinces.
  • Meat prices in the Western Cape are consistently more expensive than the average in the country.
  • Lamb chops were the most expensive meat in the survey - coming in at R159.40.

There are large differences in braai meat prices across South Africa, a new survey by the independent platform South African Market Insights (SAMI) found. 

Using food price inflation data from Statistics SA, the study found that pork chops, for example, are almost a quarter more expensive in the Western Cape than in the Eastern Cape. Rump also costs almost 25% more in the Western Cape than in the North West.

Here are the price per kilogram of different meats across SA's provinces:

meat prices
Source: South African Market Insigts/Statistics SA

Lamb chops

lamb chops

Lamb chops are the most expensive braai meat in the survey. The average across South Africa for a kilogram of lamb chops works out at R159.40. 

Here are the average prices of lamb chops per kilogram per province (as at January 2019):

  • Gauteng: R170.35
  • Mpumalanga: R169.37
  • Free State: R163.91
  • Northern Cape: R159.61
  • KwaZulu-Natal: R158.40
  • Western Cape: R157.56
  • North West: R150.43
  • Eastern Cape: R145.54

Limpopo is not included in the Statistics SA food basket as the province does not spend enough on lamb meat to warrant inclusion, says SAMI. 


rump steak
The average price in South Africa for a kilogram of rump was R128.06. Here's how prices differed across the country:
  • Western Cape: R141.25
  • Free State: R135.81
  • Gauteng: R131.78
  • Northern Cape: R129.17
  • Mpumalanga: R128.21
  • Eastern Cape: R128.09
  • Limpopo: R125.65
  • KwaZulu-Natal: R118.39
  • North West: R114.24


Kerala roast chicken (PHOTO: Drum)
Photo: Drum

Chicken is by far South Africa's most popular meat - South Africans consume about 28 million chickens a week. Roughly half a chicken per person, per week, 52 weeks a year.

Chicken's popularity can be explained by its price: The average price of a kilogram of chicken is roughly 3.5 times less than that of lamb chops, says SAMI. The average cost per kilogram of chicken across South Africa is R47.19 a kilogram.

This is the average price of chicken per kilogram per province (as at January 2019):

  • Eastern Cape: R53.85
  • Western Cape: R52.79
  • Gauteng: R47.41
  • Free State: R47.26
  • Northern Cape: R47.21
  • Mpumalanga: R46.59
  • Limpopo: R44.54
  • North West: R43.32
  • KwaZulu-Natal: R41.82


Boerewors is the second cheapest meat type of the survey, with an average price of R59.25.

Here are how prices differ across South Africa: 

  • Eastern Cape: R65.34
  • Mpumalanga: R63.34
  • Western Cape: R60.19
  • Northern Cape: R59.99
  • Free State: R58.87
  • North West: R58.31
  • Gauteng: R57.87
  • KwaZulu-Natal: R56.37
  • Limpopo: R52.99

Pork chops

SAMI says pork, which has always been a less popular cut of meat in South Africa, is gaining popularity due to its affordability.

The average cost per kilogram of pork chops across South Africa is R79 a kilogram.

  • Western Cape: R87.27
  • Limpopo: R83.09
  • Mpumalanga: R82.12
  • Gauteng: R80.64
  • KwaZulu-Natal: R79.3
  • Free State: R78.6
  • Northern Cape: R75.08
  • North West: R74.16
  • Eastern Cape: R70.85

Average braai meat prices


SAMI then calculated an average braai meat basket price using: 

  • 100 grams rump
  • 100 grams lamb chops
  • 100 grams pork chops
  • 100 grams boerewors
  • 100 grams chicken

The average price in South Africa for this combination of meat was R47.29 in January.

"Once again those in the Western Cape will end up spending the most, with the cost of buying 100g of all the meat types being R49.91 (13.3% more money) than what those living in the North West will pay (R44.05) for 100g of the same meat," SAMI says.?

This is how prices differed across provinces:

  • Western Cape: R49.91
  • Mpumalanga: R48.96
  • Gauteng: R48.81
  • Free State: R48.45
  • Northern Cape: R47.11
  • Limpopo: R46.57
  • Eastern Cape: R46.37
  • KwaZulu-Natal: R45.43
  • North West: R44.05

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