'Cold slop': An Olympic race walker said the food for athletes outside Tokyo is like prison meals

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Tom Bosworth.
  • Tom Bosworth, a British athlete, complained about the food at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  • Two long-distance disciplines were moved to Sapporo, in the cooler north of Japan.
  • Bosworth, from Britain, isn't in the Olympic village and said the food up north was "cold slop."
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An Olympic race walker blasted the food available at the Olympics and said the "cold slop" in Sapporo, a city 1,200 kilometres north of Tokyo, is like prison food.

British athlete Tom Bosworth, 31, made the comment in a tweet which he later deleted, The Guardian reported. He also filmed a short clip in which he gave a tour of the facilities.

Bosworth alerted the International Olympic Committee, the organisation that oversees the Olympics, in his post.

"You know the millions of [dollars] you make off the Olympics," he said. "Any chance, in the week of our race we could get some food? Like meals? No cold slop, steamed onions, or partly cooked pasta? This is the 'pinnacle of sport.' Sapporo feels like a prison."

Sapporo is hosting the race walk and the marathon events because it is cooler than Tokyo, which hit temperatures of 34 degrees last week and has high humidity. The decision to move some events was made in 2019.

Bosworth posted a second tweet that was also deleted. It said: "Welcome to the sweaty school dining hall that a lifetime of hard work gets you.

"Any chance you could be a little athlete-focused? Any chance we could have somewhere to get some fresh air, aside from the 900 metre training lap we have? A cup of coffee wouldn't go amiss."

Bosworth is one of the best athletes in his sport and holds 12 gold medals at the British Championships.

Bosworth, from Kent in England, first competed in an Olympic event at the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, finishing sixth in the 20-kilometre walk.

He returns to Olympic competition for Friday's 50-kilometre race walk at the Tokyo Games.

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