Coca-Cola, Share a Coke
A photo of the can that was shared on Twitter
  • A photo of a Coca-Cola can sporting the XiTsonga word "Xitombo" (vagina) caused an uproar on Twitter.
  • Coca-Cola is currently investigating why it was allowed to be printed at a consumer event.
  • From now on, Coca-Cola will check your ID before you can print your name on a can. 

Coca-Cola will ask consumers to bring their IDs as proof of their names after a profane XiTsonga word appeared on one of its cans last week.

At events across the country, South Africans can currently get their names printed on Coca-Cola cans.

At one such "activation", a can with the word "Xitombo" (vagina) was printed and photos of it was subsequently circulated on social media. 

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In a strongly-worded tweet, former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa called the can "an insult to women":

Speaking to Business Insider South Africa, Shilowa said "the word is insulting, vulgar and promotes misogyny". 

He believes Coca-Cola has not taken enough responsibility, and appears to be shrugging it off. 

Four days after the first picture of the can appeared on Twitter, the company on Saturday clarified that the can was not on sale but part of an activation.

The company has a "filter system" to prevent profanities from being printed. 

"We are still investigating how this one incident was not captured by the filter system," says Coca-Cola Southern Africa spokesperson, Camilla Osborne.

The naming activations will continue this month, but from this week, consumers will have to show their IDs as proof of their names, says Osborne. "This is to ensure preventing further profanity appearing on our products."

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