Clover's new blue milk bottles.
  • Clover has started selling milk in blue bottles as part of a new campaign to "refresh" its brand.
  • As part of its ad campaign, the company released a video with a strange, high-pitched blue man. 
  • Social media was puzzled, amused, and horrified in equal measure.
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The dairy manufacturer Clover has started selling its fresh milk in blue bottles, as part of a new campaign to "refresh" its brand.

“We opted for blue as it is the Clover corporate brand colour, and since fresh milk is the core of Clover – it makes sense to consistently drive the Clover values and identity through our fresh milk products,” says the company.

The company says it wants “to inject some excitement and generate talk-ability in and around the fresh milk category with the ultimate aim to make fresh milk relevant again.”

It has certainly succeeded in generating "talk-ability", but perhaps not in the way it may have wished.

After inviting social media users to guess why Clover went with the colour blue, it tweeted a curious video over the weekend.

The video features a male painted completely blue, who riffs on some of the answers in a weird high-pitched voice: 

The video - which has been viewed almost 158,000 times -  was roundly slated on social media: 

A few users also complained of the nightmare-inducing potential of the high-pitched blue Clover man.

A number of users asked the company to let go of its marketing agency, and offered to put together a better ad campaign for them for free.

But others think it may have been marketing genius:

(Compiled by Edward-John Bottomley)

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