• Israel's Urban Aeronautics has announced its plans to manufacture a flying car.
  • The CityHawk flying car, is an air taxi set to take to the skies 2021-22.
  • The flying car looks like a giant drone and features propellers in its unique design.

A new flying car, the CityHawk, has been announced. 

Full-scale development for the hybrid-power flying car, will see the 'land anywhere' vehicle being based on the cormorant unmanned model which was successfully tested earlier this year.

The CityHawk flying car being tested. (Urban Aeronautics/Cover Media)

Israeli firm Urban Aeronautics describes CityHawks as a true equivalent to a ground taxi or family sedan in both appearance and passenger capacity. 

(Urban Aeronautics/Cover Media)

First manned flights are expected in 2021-22.

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