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This year's Choice Assorted box comes with a special chocolatey surprise that we are very excited for for this festive season. Bombi Mavundza/ Business Insider South Africa
  • The Bakers Choice Assorted box is on sale in time for the Christmas season, with a new addition to the tray.
  • Romany Creams joins eight other varieties in the box.
  • Business Insider asked seven chefs to let us know which was their favourite and least favourite Choice Assorted biscuit and why?
  • Though their tastes were varied, we were surprised to find firm fans of Eet-Sum-Mor.
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Bakers has added Romany Creams to its 1kg and 2kg Choice Assorted boxes, just in time for the festive season.

The mixed boxes are somewhat of a South African institution at Christmas time.

Developed in 1923, the Bakers® trademark may have changed over the years, but the same loving care still goes into each and every biscuit, Bakers says on its Facebook page.

So whether it’s a Lemon Cream, Strawberry Whirl or Nuttikrust you’re after, there is bound to be a biscuit to suit your taste, but some are clearly more popular than others.

There are always those that kind of linger in the box a bit, so we thought we’d rope in some professionals.

Business Insider asked some local chefs what their favourite - and least favourite Choice Assorted biscuits are.

Here's what they had to say....

Lesego Semenya, also known as LesDaChef, inadvertently posed a similar question on his Twitter account which went viral two years ago.

Lesego Semenya, Choice Assorted
Chef, Lesego Semenya. Photo: Facebook

Semenya is a Strawberry Wafer fan.

"Its softness just stuck with me since childhood."

His least favourite is the Strawberry Whirl.

"I don't like the 'jam' and I am surprised by people who actually like it," he told Business Insider.

Virgil Kahn, head chef at Indochine in Stellenbosch loves the Eet-Sum-Mor shortbread biscuit.
Virgil Kahn, Choice Assorted, Indochine, Stellebos
Indochine's head chef, Virgil Kahn. Photo: Tripadvisor

"My least favourite it the Strawberry Wafer, it is too sweet for me," he says.

Should he get a box this year, the wafers will be reserved for the kids.

Jenny Morris, celebrity chef and author, is excited about the new addition - Romany Creams are her favourite.
Jenny Morris Foto's: Danie Nel Photography

"The box has sentimental value as it something [that is always] had for Christmas.

"I love the one with the chewy jam centre as well and the plain Eet-Sum-Mor. I dislike the texture of the wafer biscuit they taste like cardboard to me

Chef and author, Bertus Basson, is a 'strawberry jam' biscuits (Strawberry Whirl) fan.

"As for many South Africans - a box of Assorted biscuits was a big deal for us over the festive period,"  he told Business Insider.

Bertus Basson, Choice Assorted
Twitter (@PickandPay)

"Getting the foil wrapped biscuit was definitely a treat, unwrapping the chocolate coated biscuit (Choc Delights) was a special treat".

His least favourite as a kid was the ginger biscuits, but it grew on him over the years.

Jacqui Biess, owner of Charly's Bakery in Cape Town, told Business Insider that Bakers's Eet-Sum-Mor shortbread has always been her inspiration, and therefore her favourite out of the Choice Assorted box.
Jacquie Biess, Choice Assorted
Jacquie Biess, owner of Charly's Bakery in Cape Town

When starting the bakery 30 years ago, the shortbread inspired her to want to emulate something similar in their shortbreads. Her second favourite is the Nuttikrust which she likes to dip in her tea.

The newly introduced Romany Creams are her least favourite. 

"I don't like the coconut taste," she says.

Themba Bawuti, Top Chef SA contestant and head chef at 57 Waterberg said he does not have a least favourite biscuit from the the Choice Assorted box.

Themba Bawuti, Choice Assorted
Themba Bawuti. Photo: Twitter (@TopChefSA)

"If you eat a lot of them all at once then you might end up disliking a few," he says.

His trick is everything in moderation.

Bawuti says he looks forward to the Romany Creams in the box. He treats his family to dessert made from the peppermint Romany Creams which is always a hit.

Jean-Pierre van der Haar, head chef at Thali Restaurant, in Cape Town tells Business Insider the assorted box always reminds him of times with family.

Jean-Pierre van de Haar, Choice Assorted
Jean-Pierre van der Haar, head chef at Thali in Cape Town. Photo: Instagram (Thali_Restaurant)

"Finishing three boxes, in a few days, which were supposed to last us till the end of the festive season, the biscuits completed everything," he says. The Eet-Sum-Mor shortbread biscuits are his favourite from the box.

"The buttery goodness stands out, it is plain and simple with no complications."

The Choc Delights are his least favourite simply because he wasn't a fan of ginger biscuits as a child. He has come around to the taste of ginger over the years, but not to the chocolate-coated biscuits.


Eet-Sum-Mor shortbread's buttery taste was a a surprising winner. The Choc Delights, despite the fancy red foil and chocolate coating, wasn't a big hit.

A 1kg Choice Assorted box retails for R99 and is currently on sale for R83 at our local Pick and Pay. The 2kg box comes in at R169 on sale.

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