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    For many users, Instagram has become a wormhole - it's easy to get sucked in, thanks to infinite scrolling and endless amounts of content at your disposal.

    That kind of behavior is emulated in a recent video posted on Instagram featuring a chimpanzee, humankind's closest relative. The video shows a chimpanzee scrolling through Instagram, with his eyes glued to the iPhone screen as he likes posts and watches videos.

    He even figures out how to swipe back to the feed to look at more photos.

    The video was posted by user @therealtarzann, an exotic animal specialist named Mike Holston. Holston has more than 5 million followers on Instagram and almost half a million YouTube subscribers who watch Holston interact and pose with various animals including crocodiles, wombats, lizards, and snakes.

    Holston's post has garnered more than 1.4 million views since it was posted four days ago. But this isn't the first time Holston has posted a video showing a chimp scrolling through an Instagram feed. A similar post of his from March obtained over 2 million views.

    Either way, it's pretty clear that Instagram has created an interface that's so easy to use, even a chimp can do it.

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