The campaign is named after it's Soul Sister Party meal. Youtube
  • Chicken Licken's six new adverts bring the Soul Sisters to life.
  • The quirky series celebrates women. And some men.
  • Joe Public United is once again the driving force behind the tongue-in-cheek adverts.
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Chicken Licken has unveiled  its new advert series, introducing a sassy trio of singers, the Soul Sisters. 

Soul Sister, Chicken Licken
Your card has been declined, it's ok, your Soul Sisters have got your back

While belting out songs, they come to the rescue of a woman whose card is declined in a supermarket in one of the ads.  

In another, they encourage a woman whose work presentation doesn't go as planned. They also act as personal cheerleaders for a swimmer. 

Soul Sister, Chicken Licken
The Soul Sisters celebrate you for beating your own personal best time

While the ads have a humorous take on the daily struggles women encounter, Chicken Licken is aslo using the series to advertise its R58.90 Soul Sister Party 4 item (four chicken pieces and chips).

Soul Sister, Chicken Licken
They are also there when you're not sure about those jeans.

The new series is, however, not limited to women. It is also features a young man trying to come out to his father.

The series, which consist of six 45-second clips - is a departure from Chicken Licken's usual long-format film style ads.

Soul Sister, Chicken Licken
Not the colour you were going for. Soul Sisters encourage to wear it anyway

“Imagine if you had backup sisters who popped up whenever you needed them. It was exciting to create an ad that celebrates women but still in a quirky, Chicken Licken way,” the company's agency, Joe Public United, said.

Soul Sister, Chicken Licken

The tunes were composed by classically-trained composer Adam Howard, who brought the message home with a 60s-inspired theme reminiscent of The Supremes.

“Because our concept was based on soul singers, we had to make sure our music was authentic".

Watch all six adverts here:

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