Chicken Licken, Job scam, hoax
Chicken Licken does not charge for jobs.
  • Chicken Licken says an offer for jobseekers to pay R300 to be cleared to work for the chain is a scam.
  • It seems to be a pretty wide-spread one; various people brought the scam to its attention.
  • This is not the first time Chicken Licken's name is used in a scam. 
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Chicken Licken on Thursday warned jobseekers that paying R300 will not help them secure a job with the chain.

It had first become aware of the scam over the weekend, spokesperson Amber Mackeurtan told Business Insider South Africa.

"It was brought to our attention with our audiences making contact via our social media channels, website and our call centres," she said.

In a tweet on Thursday Chicken Licken warned jobseekers to be vigilant.

Twitter user @AshopTP posted a screenshot of an email requesting applicants to send a "recruitment agency" a "refundable" R300 background-check fee.

The fee is supposedly to ensure that applicants do not have criminal records, and that they are legitimate candidates.

According to the email, the money must be paid through any Pep store across the country by Friday, 13 September.

Applicants must then email the agency the "withdrawal number" that they will receive from Pep – which would allow the scammers to withdraw the money.

Applicants are told they will receive a call from Chicken Licken's human resources office to inform them of start dates and directions to the branch they have been employed at.

This is not the first time scams have used Chicken Licken's name. 

A fake Instagram account surfaced last year, promising users free chicken to the value of R300 to the first 8,000 followers of the account.

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