Chicken Licken, Rock My Soul
"Sho, Julius", Thato the Time-traveller says to Julius Caesar in Chicken Licken's new Rock My Soul advert.
  • Chicken Licken's latest ad campaign suggests its chicken can change the past, and future..
  • A new ad – for one of its oldest meals, Rock My Soul – features a time-traveller who changes world figures' minds at critical times.
  • He even manages to stop Eve from biting into that infamous apple.
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Chicken Licken – banned from playing with the theme of colonialism – now suggests it can help bring about world peace with its chicken pieces.

In a new ad campaign its new accidental hero, "Thato the Time Traveller", changes the face of history rather than being part of history himself as was the case with its controversial "Big John" campaign.

In December 2018 the chain was banned from telling the story of Big John, a South African who ends up colonising Europe, after a complaint that it mocked the struggle against colonialism.

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But Thato, portrayed by actor Sherldon Marena, never ends up in colonial times. Instead he stops an impending war in 1064, convinces Julius Caesar to let a Roman gladiator live, and supports a female South African President in the future.

Chicken Licken, Rock My Soul
Chicken Licken, Rock My Soul

Armed with only his chilled out attitude – and a Rock My Soul meal, one of the oldest on the chain's menu – Thato travels back to Biblical times too, and has Eve swap her infamous apple for a piece of fried chicken.

"Inner peace is what Rock My Soul is all about," says Chicken Licken.

Chicken Licken, Rock My Soul
Chicken Licken, Rock My Soul

"But this time the creative team wanted to take our country's famously friendly South African vibes and see what happens when we spread it across the world, and even across time itself."

See Thato drop in on various historic, and future, events:

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