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Checkers and Pick n Pay's pricing compared
  • Checkers and Pick n Pay are going head-to-head on some discounts this weekend.
  • Both stores are running special promotions for their loyalty cards, Smart Shopper and Xtra Savings.
  • Some cuts are deep – and remarkably similar.
  • Here are our favourite specials for the war weekend.
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Checkers really, really wants you to sign up for an Xtra Savings card, if you haven't yet, then shop what it has termed its "inaugural Xtra Xtra Weekend" discounts this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

It just so happens that Pick n Pay is thinking along similar lines. Its "Smart Sale" for Smart Shopper card holders began on Thursday, and also runs until Sunday, 17 October.

In both cases you'll need that special card already, or you'll have to sign up for one, for free though you have to part with some personal information.

The competing chains also have similar ideas on some of the products they think will attract you, albeit with differences in brands in some case.

Here are some of our favourite specials from Checkers and Pick n Pay this weekend.

Toilet paper at a bit over R4 per roll

Pick n Pay is selling its house-brand 9s packs of 2-ply toilet paper at R75 for two, at an effective price of R4.17 per roll for the minimum you'll have to buy.

At Checkers it is the Baby Soft brand of toilet paper on special, and you'll have to buy three packs of 9s, for R120. That is an effective R4.44 per roll for the 27 minimum.

Long-life milk at between R11 and R12 per litre

Checkers is offering three packs of its housebrand long-life milk (six cartons of one litre each) at R199. That equates to R11.10 per litre.

Pick n Pay’s equivalent is a minimum of two packs of EverFresh milk, also six one-litre cartons to a pack, at R140. That comes to R11.70 for each of the 12 cartons.

Nescafe Cappuccino sticks at R4 and less

Checkers is selling a range of Nescafe coffee at R150 for any two. That includes 20-packs of the Nescafe cappuccino sticks, for which you’ll end up paying R3.75 each for a minimum of 40 units.

Pick n Pay, meanwhile, is advertising 10-packs of the same cappuccino mix for R40, so R4 per stick even if you buy only ten of them.

R12 to R15 for two-litre bottles of Fanta and Sparletta

At Pick n Pay, any two bottles of 2-litre Sparletta flavours such as creme soda or sparberry are going for R24, the equivalent of R12 each.

Checkers, meanwhile, is selling all the variants of Fanta, Sprite, and Stoney at R30 for two two-litre bottles, an effective R15 each.

R10 to R11.50 for a loaf of bread

Checkers offers two loaves of Blue Ribbon white bread at R20, so you pay R10 for each of the 700g loaves. 

Pick n Pay has the Blue Ribbon brown bread on special instead. You’ll also need to buy two 700g loaves, for R23, so an effective R11.50 each.

R35 per kg for either Stork or Flora spread

The price is the same, though the brands are different.

Checkers wants you to buy any four Flora spreads, in 500g tubs, for R90, for a price of R35 per kg.

At Pick n Pay, the offer is two tubs of Stork country spread – each 1kg – for R70, also an even R35 per kilo.

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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