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Here's how much more you're paying for school supplies this year - we compare prices from Shoprite, Pick n Pay and others

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  • Judging from the small basket of school stationery Business Insider SA has tracked since last year, prices have gone up by a fair margin.
  • While Shoprite and Checkers are the cheapest, prices at CNA actually came down from last year. 
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A year ago, we compared the prices of a small basket of school supply staples at different retailers. We did it again this year, and the average price hike was almost 5% - higher than the current rate of inflation (3.6%).

However, the headline number masks big differences between products, and shops. At CNA, the price of the basket came down from last year, and Pick n Pay also showed a much smaller increase than other retailers.

Still, Checkers and Shoprite remain the cheapest. (And this even after we “penalised” them on Pritt prices: we compared their single Pritt stick price with bulk offers at other retailers, given that some of them don’t sell single sticks of Pritt.)

In general there seems to be more bulk and combo offers this year – which is good news if you have more than one child.

Importantly, it is on the high-volume, big-ticket items (like display folders) that price really matters. For example, if you have to buy ten display folders, then CNA will save you R30 in total compared to Pick n Pay.

Here are the current prices of our basket of school supplies:

Staedtler HB Tradition Pencils (3 pack)

Pritt glue stick (43g)  

At Pick n Pay, the Pritt three-pack includes a free 80 page exam pad.

    Butterfly A4 Pocket File (30 pages) 

    MonAmi Retractable Wax Crayons (12 pack) 

    Typek A4 Office Paper White (500)

    Staedtler Ballpoint Pens (10 pack)

    Total basket amount

    Checkers: R183.94  (+5.2% more than last year)

    Shoprite: R183.94  (+5.2% more than last year)

    Pick n Pay: R194.45  (+0.9% more than last year)

    CNA: R207.89  (-0.3% less than last year)

    Makro: R213.27  (+7.8% more than last year)

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