We shopped for school supplies at Checkers, Pick n Pay and others - here's how prices compared

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shoprite shopping
The busy stationery aisle at a Shoprite store in Cape Town this week.
  • South Africa's major retailers are currently offering attractive back-to-school specials.
  • We compiled a list of basic school supplies, and compared prices at Pick n Pay, Checkers, CNA, Shoprite, and Makro.
  • Checkers and Shoprite emerged as the cheapest stores for our specific basket of products.

Nothing quite marks the end of the festive cheer like the dreaded barrage of back-to-school ads, reminding parents everywhere of that long-forgotten list of compulsory school supplies. 

We went shopping this week, and compared prices of stationery at some of the major retailers. Below our basket of basic school supplies, compiled by using current online, catalogue and in-store prices:

Staedtler HB Tradition Pencils (3 pack)

Pritt glue stick (43g) 

Butterfly A4 Pocket File (30 pages)

MonAmi Retractable Wax Crayons (12 pack)

Typek A4 Office Paper White (500)

Staedtler Ballpoint Pens (10 pack) 

Total basket:

Checkers: R174.94

Shoprite: R174.94

Pick n Pay: R192.74

Makro: R197.80

CNA: R208.40

At first glance the individual prices of items did not vary that much - but the total basket shows clearly how the small differences add up, with the Checkers and Shoprite baskets coming in more than R33 cheaper than CNA. 

Importantly, it is on the high-volume, big-ticket items (read: the display folders) that price really matters. 

So for example, buying ten of the folders on our list from Makro could save you more than R40 compared to getting them from Pick n Pay. 

You can save even more if you're not a stickler for brand name. Shoprite is selling a 30-page unbranded display folder for only R18.99.  

It's also important to note that many of the items in our basket are currently on promotion. So while there are currently stationery deals aplenty - they are available for a limited time only, so hurry up and don't be that parent.

The article has been updated to reflect a promotion price on a Shoprite item, the Butterfly display folder.

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