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  • Through Cell C’s ShoutOut WhatsApp Bundles I only spend R17 on cellphone data each month.
  • Cell C offers a WhatsApp bundle at R10 for 200MB, R17 for 1GB and R99 for 4GB.
  • It limits you to WhatsApp messages only, but you can make WhatsApp calls via wifi.

With only R17 a month, I am able to buy enough data to use WhatsApp uninterrupted for an entire month without fear that it will run out.

Launched in July 2018, Cell C’s ShoutOut WhatsApp bundles offers consumers connection to WhatsApp, and Facebook, for cheap. 

For R10 you can get 200MBs of Facebook and WhatsApp data over 48 hours; R17 buys you 1GB over 30 days; and R99 gets you 4GB over 30 days.

MTN offers a similar service at R30 for 1GB WhatsApp data over 20 days. Telkom discontinued its WhatsApp data bundle, R15 for 1GB over 30days, soon after its launch in 2018.

This makes Cell C’s offering up to 60% cheaper than its closest competitor.

I’ve been using Cell C’s R17 ShoutOut Bundle the past four months and I've never need to buy an additional bundle.

I do, however, limit my phone to use data for WhatsApp only. This restricts you to only using WhatsApp when you are out of reach of wifi. But then, who still uses a phone as a phone these days?

And whenever I want to surf the web, download new music or tweet, I simply use my wifi connection.

WhatsApp calls do not work on the bundles, but they work over WiFi, where they’ve become a good replacement for a phone call.

You have to recharge the Cell C WhatsApp bundle monthly when it expires, though. Here's how it works: 

Use Cell C as your data network provider.

(Facebook, Cell C)
(Facebook, Cell C)

You can do this by either buying a Cell C sim card, or transferring your existing prepaid number to the Cell C network at any Cell C outlet.

(With a dual-SIM phone, you can use another network for voice, and still benefit from Cell C's data offer.)

Visit https://www.cellc.co.za/cellc/get-vasbundles

Select the WhatsApp option

Select the R17 WhatsApp bundle option

Enter your personal Cell C network cell phone number

Make sure you’re not a robot, check the T&C’s, and click ‘load now’

Wait for the banking page to load

Select your preferred payment method

Fill in the details and click ‘pay’

Follow your personal banking instructions, such as filling in the ‘One Time Pin’ which was SMS'ed to your phone. 


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