Cell C ran into network issues a month after it defaulted on debt - but the struggling company says the problem is already fixed

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  • Cell C users reported network issues when using WhatsApp and Twitter on Friday morning. 
  • Cell C said the issue was contained to WhatsApp, and that the service has since been restored. 
  • The cellular provider is currently undergoing large-scale restructuring in a bid to improve liquidity. 
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Cell C users turned to social media on Friday morning to express their frustration with network issues when using WhatsApp, and Twitter.

On Twitter, users complained that the Cell C network was incredibly slow. 

Others complained that they were unable to use their data network even after restarting their devices. 

Cell C’s support account said its engineers were working to address the issue. showed that Cell C’s network started showing problems shortly before 07:00 on Friday morning. 


By 10:00, showed that network problems appear to have been resolved. 

Cell C told Business Insider South Africa that its network experienced “intermittent issues” with WhatsApp photo and video downloads.

"The problem has since been resolved," it said.

Cell C, South Africa’s third-largest cellular network provider, is currently undergoing a large scale restructuring to improve liquidity and efficiency. 

In August, the company stopped paying its debt repayments in a bid to recapitalise and increase liquidity which resulted in S&P Global cutting its credit rating to D, for "default". 

Cell C has debt of more than R9 billion. 

This a month after it appointed law firm Bowmans to investigate “ irregular business practices” and restructure its core business. 

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At the time technology analyst Arthur Goldstuck said while financial difficulties may worry customers, they are unlikely to be affected by it. 

Users should only start worrying when they struggle to connect to the network, which is highly unlikely, he said. 

“I don’t think Cell C is going to close down anytime soon. The reality is that they have a major subscriber base which is an incredibly valuable asset that is certainly not going to be dumped,” Goldstuck told Business Insider South Africa.

"If things go seriously wrong someone like Telkom would likely buy it."

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