(screenshot, Twitter)
(screenshot, Twitter)
  • Celebrity chef Luyanda Mafanya lost her essential services permit after she tweeted that she is delivering prepared food. 
  • The CPIC said that prepared food is not an essential service, and the delivery thereof is prohibited. 
  • Mafanya apologised, saying she misunderstood the category of essential services she received. 
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Well-known South African chef and My Kitchen Rules South Africa contestant Luyanda Mafanya has lost her essential services permit after she tweeted about delivering prepared food during the lockdown. 

Mafanya, 25, on Tuesday afternoon tweeted that she was “off to deliver some grub”. Attached to the post were pictures of cooked chicken and wors. 

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission’s (CIPC) Twitter account soon replied that the delivery of prepared food is not an essential service under the Covid-19 lockdown regulations, and that delivery is only allowed for essential products. 

It said it will be revoking Mafanya’s essential services permit, and that it will be handing over the revoked application to the department of trade and industry to proceed with legal action. 

By Tuesday evening, the CIPC’s business registration unit BizPortal replied to Mafanya that her essential services permit had been revoked, and that she will be receiving an email from them. 

BizPortal said that losing your essential services permit does not mean someone loses their company registration. 

Mafanya has since deleted her original tweet. She  issued an apology late on Tuesday evening, saying she clearly misunderstood her category of essential services. 

“I was wrong, I accept the consequences that come with it,” she said. 

On Twitter, users questioned why Mafanya thought she was able to deliver prepared food, but McDonald’s and KFC wasn’t. 

Others thought the CPIC was too harsh with their response. 

Mafanya is one of many who have lost their essential services permits after users on Twitter informed the CPIC of their actions. 

The Lawns in Camps Bay, Cape Town, lost its permit after sharing on Instagram that it can deliver prepared meals. 

(compiled by James de Villiers)