The R1.1 million bull BOS166103
BOS166103. (Video still from Beefmaster SA, via Facebook)
  • A Beefmaster bull known as BOS166103 sold for R1.1 million on auction.
  • That is nearly twice the previous record for the breed.
  • Breeders, including President Cyril Ramaphosa, have seen record-setting prices across various cattle breeds recently.
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A single Beefmaster bull has sold for R1.1 million at auction, nearly doubling the breed's previous record – continuing a trend in which various breeds of cattle have seen record-breaking prices in different parts of South Africa in recent months.

BOS166103, from the Bos Blanco stud outside Kroonstad, known for its exports to neighbouring countries and even Australia, was bought by Chris van Heerden of Bronkhorstspruit, said breed representative organisation Beefmaster SA. That is nearly twice the previous record for a Beefmaster bull, of R600,000, said Farmers Weekly, which first reported on the sale.

Van Heerde also paid another new record R350,000 for a cow and calf at the same auction.

"We researched the bull’s genetics for five generations back. Some of his genetics are already in our herd and it’s incredible, Van Heerden told Farmers Weekly's Susan Marais about BOS166103.

Beefmaster was created at a mix of one quarter each Hereford and Shorthorn, and half Brahman, which its promoters say created cattle that offer the best qualify meat production at the lowest price of any breed.

Various cattle breeds have been setting new auction records across South Africa in recent months. A single Nguni bull sold for R310,000 – over WhatsApp – and a Simbra stud bull sold for R370,000. Nguni are prized for their skins and hardiness in the open veld, while Simbra are often considered feed-lot cattle. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been a beneficiary of high stud cattle prices, selling R2.7 million worth at a single auction, including R700,000 for a bull called Mufasa, from the Ankole breed that Ramaphosa established in South Africa at considerable effort.

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You can see BOS166103 on display here:

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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